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Families, Relationships and Societies' 2017 impact factors are: 0.754 (2yr) and 0.870 (5yr). Congratulations to the authors whose work contributed to this result!

The top cited articles published in Families, Relationships and Societies in 2016 and 2017 are all free to access in July 2018:

'Realising the (troubled) family', 'crafting the neoliberal state'
Author: Crossley, Stephen

Poverty and child neglect - the elephant in the room?
Author: Gupta, Anna

The experience of co-residence: young adults returning to the parental home after graduation in England
Authors: Lewis, Jane; West, Anne; Roberts, Jonathan; Noden, Philip

I know I'm a good mum - no one can tell me different. Young mothers negotiating a stigmatised identity through time
Author: Wenham, Aniela

House, home and transforming energy in a cold climate
Authors: Webb, Janette; Hawkey, David; McCrone, David; Tingey, Margaret

Giving poverty a voice: families' experiences of social work practice in a risk-averse child protection system
Authors: Gupta, Anna; Blumhardt, Hannah

Relationality, entangled practices and psychosocial exploration of intergenerational dynamics in sustainable energy studies
Authors: Henwood, Karen; Groves, Chris; Shirani, Fiona

Living together in a sexually exclusive relationship: an enduring, pervasive ideal?
Author: Lampard, Richard

Telling different stories about poverty, inequality, child abuse and neglect
Author: Featherstone, Brid

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