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Unpaid Work in Nursing Homes

Flexible Boundaries

Edited by Pat Armstrong

Drawing on a range of international research projects, this book documents a broad spectrum of unpaid work performed by residents, relatives, volunteers and staff in nursing homes. It provides insights which will be critical in planning for nursing home care post-pandemic.

Policy Press
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The Child-Parent Caregiving Relationship in Later Life

Psychosocial Experiences

This book highlights how the social experience of caring for, and relating to, a parent in later life has a significant impact on the adult child.

Policy Press

Care Technologies for Ageing Societies

An International Comparison

Exploring the role of technology in Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan, this book compares the ways in which technology is being implemented in different national contexts to contribute effectively to the sustainability of care systems.

Policy Press
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Housing and Life Course Dynamics

Changing Lives, Places and Inequalities

Deepening inequalities and wider processes of demographic, economic and social change are altering how people across the Global North move between homes and neighbourhoods over the lifespan. This book presents a life course framework for understanding how the changing dynamics of people’s lives influence their residential experiences.

Policy Press

Ageing, Men and Social Relations

New Perspectives on Masculinities and Men’s Social Connections in Later Life

While there has been an increase in scholarship on men, ageing and masculinities, little attention has been paid to the social relations of men in later life. This collection fills this gap by foregrounding older men’s experiences, providing new perspectives across the intersections of old age, ethnicities, class and sexual and gender identity.

Policy Press

Reablement in Long-Term Care for Older People

International Perspectives and Future Directions

This book introduces reablement, a radical new integrated care approach which seeks to empower older people to regain and maintain functioning and independence.

Policy Press

Young People, Radical Democracy and Community Development

Focusing on youth activism for greater equality, liberty and mutual care - radical democracy - this timely collection explores the movement’s impacts on community organisations and workers. Essays from the Global North and Global South cover the Black Lives Matter movement, environmental activism and the struggles of refugees.

Policy Press

Inside Retirement Housing

Designing, Developing and Sustaining Later Lifestyles

Through stories and visual vignettes, it presents a range of stakeholders involved in the design, construction, management and habitation of third-age housing in the UK, to highlight the importance of design decisions for the everyday lives of older people.

Policy Press

HIV, Sex and Sexuality in Later Life

Drawing on international perspectives and research, this book explores the experiences of sex and sexuality in individuals and groups living with HIV in later life (50+).

Policy Press

Ageing and the Media

International Perspectives

Edited by Virpi Ylänne

Bringing together leading scholars, this international collection examines different dimensions of ageing and ageism in a range of media and how older adults use and interact with the media.

Policy Press

Older Workers in Transition

European Experiences in a Neoliberal Era

This collection explores a variety of job transitions for older people, including voluntary job moves, coming out of unemployment, temporary labour and passages into retirement. Each chapter hears the voices of older workers and employers, and is positioned within the context of various European countries, with important lessons for future policy.

Bristol Uni Press

The Politics of Ailment

A New Approach to Care

Challenging the ethics of care as a tradeable commodity, this book introduces the concept of ailment as a framework for understanding social care. Providing examples from Britain and Finland, it demonstrates how ailment shapes all societies, and by addressing the marketisation of care, the authors bring to light increasing inequalities in care.

Policy Press