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Best practice in regeneration

Because it works

By Tony Trott


Nov 13, 2002

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Best practice in regeneration

This report charts a supportive project which linked four diverse regeneration programmes in different parts of the UK. By working closely together at all levels, the groups involved in the project improved their strategic understanding and operational approaches. The report highlights the key practical themes of successful regeneration - what works and where - and effective ways of learning from the experiences of others.

Best practice in regeneration presents practical options for achieving:

· diverse and flexible patterns of housing ownership, standards and tenure to retain stable communities;

· residents who are committed to the area as a whole, not just to their own home;

· community and economic development to build and sustain local capacity;

· partnership working between and within organisations.

Tony Trott is a consultant specialising in effective social interventions. He has worked in social housing for 30 years. Recent projects include - strategic regeneration; investment in communities; new approaches to lettings; analysis of drugs, crime and housing problems in urban renewal; and managing housing associations.

Contents: Introduction; Scope; Process; Interventions: Part 1- The Joseph Rowntree Foundation menu; Interventions: Part 2 - Participants' issues; Conclusion.

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