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Civil Society and Social Change

Series Editors: Ian Rees Jones, Cardiff University, Mike Woods, Aberystwyth University and Paul Chaney, Cardiff University

“This ambitious new series promises to address a pressing need to deepen and broaden our understanding of civil society at a time of great disruptive social and political change. The focus on forging new analyses through a strong interdisciplinary approach is particularly welcome.” Nick Acheson, Trinity College Dublin

This series provides interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives on the rapidly changing nature of civil society at local, regional, national and global scales.

The series comprises of a core set of edited volumes reporting on research findings from across the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research and Data (WISERD) Civil Society Research Centre. The editors welcome additional contributions, and are particularly interested in interdisciplinary volumes that will expand on the series themes:

  • Locality, community and civil society
  • Individuals, institutions and governance
  • Economic austerity, social enterprise and inequality
  • Generation, life course and social participation

Selected titles in the series are available open access.

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Editorial Advisory Board

Filippo Barbera, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Italy
Huw Beynon, Cardiff University, UK
David Blackaby, Swansea University, UK
Howard Davis, Bangor University, UK
Jurgen Grotz, University of East Anglia, UK
Gary Higgs, University of South Wales, UK
Bob Jessop, Lancaster University, UK
Martin Jones, Staffordshire University, UK
Melanie Jones, Cardiff University, UK
Grigori Kliuchare, Russian Academy, Russia
Sally Power, Cardiff University, UK
Merril Silverstein, Syracuse University, US
Sahoo Sarbeswar, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
Chris Taylor, Cardiff University, UK

Contact regarding proposals

Ian Rees Jones,
Mike Woods,
Paul Chaney,
Or the Series Commissioning Editor, Laura Vickers-Rendall, Policy Press,


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Civil Society in an Age of Uncertainty

Institutions, Governance and Existential Challenges

This book explores how the uncertainties of the 21st century present existential challenges to civil society. Presenting original empirical findings, it highlights transferable lessons that will inform policy and practice in today’s age of uncertainty.

Policy Press

Analysing the Trust–Transparency Nexus

Multi-level Governance in the UK, France and Germany

Drawing on fieldwork from the UK, France and Germany, this volume addresses the relationship between trust and transparency in the context of multi-level governance.

Policy Press

Local Civil Society

Place, Time and Boundaries

Drawing on place-based field investigations and new empirical analysis, this original book investigates civil society at local level.

Policy Press

City Regions and Devolution in the UK

The Politics of Representation

Rich in case study insights, this book provides an overview of city-region building and considers how governance restructuring shapes political, economic, social and cultural landscapes. Reviewing city regions in Britain, the authors address the tensions and opportunities for local elites and civil society actors.

Policy Press

Civil Society and the Family

This enlightening book challenges conventional distinctions between the family and civil society as it uncovers how civic values and practices are inherited and fostered within the home.

Policy Press

Civil Society through the Lifecourse

Edited by Sally Power

Challenging conventional thinking, leading academics explore how individuals’ relationships with civil society change over time as different lifecourse events and stages trigger and hinder civic engagement and political participation, and highlight the implications for those promoting greater civic and political engagement.

Policy Press

The Foundational Economy and Citizenship

Comparative Perspectives on Civil Repair

With thinking around the foundational economy becoming increasingly influential, this interdisciplinary collection sets out its role in renewing citizenship and informing policy. Drawing on case studies in areas of social and economic concern, it explores how foundational experiments can foster collective consumption and promote social justice.

Policy Press

Putting Civil Society in Its Place

Governance, Metagovernance and Subjectivity

Through theories of metagovernance and case studies of mobilisations against economic and social problems, Bob Jessop explores the idea of civil society as a mode of governance. Reviewing concepts of self-emancipation and self-responsibilisation, he challenges conventional thinking and identifies lessons for future social innovation.

Policy Press