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Combining self-employment and family life

By Alice Bell and Ivana La Valle


Jun 18, 2003

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Combining self-employment and family life

Despite the increasing policy interest in work-life balance issues, relatively little research has been carried out into the links between self-employment and family life. This report considers, for the first time, the extent to which new family-friendly initiatives and legislation provide adequate support for self-employed parents.

Drawing on an analysis of survey material from 10,000 families with children, the report explores topical issues such as:

whether self-employment offers working parents greater flexibility than other forms of employment

the price of flexibility

difficulties in relation to childcare

differences between the experiences of self-employed mothers and fathers

"... a useful resource for demographic data about childcare and self-employment. Information is clearly presented and discussed in a thorough and straightforward manner." Journal of Occupational Science

Introduction; Working arrangements; Use of childcare; Influences on mothers' decision to work; Working couples and self-employment; Conclusion.

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