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The Politics of Ailment

A New Approach to Care

Challenging the ethics of care as a tradeable commodity, this book introduces the concept of ailment as a framework for understanding social care. Providing examples from Britain and Finland, it demonstrates how ailment shapes all societies, and by addressing the marketisation of care, the authors bring to light increasing inequalities in care.

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The Flexibility Paradox

Why Flexible Working Leads to (Self-)Exploitation

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, flexible working has become the norm for many workers. This volume examines flexible working using data from 30 European countries and drawing on studies conducted in Australia, the US and India

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Understanding Global Social Policy

The third edition of this leading textbook offers a contemporary, lively and accessible overview of international actors and social policy formation, identifying key issues, debates and priorities for action in social policy across the Global South and North.

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Basic Income Experiments

Theory, Practice and Politics

This book offers a detailed review of completed, ongoing and planned basic income experiments in order to examine the value of and complications inherent in conducting such experiments and to provide best-practice guidelines for future social experimentation and policy development.

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The Changing Politics and Policy of Austerity

Experts from around the world review the complex and rapidly changing politics and policies of austerity in this comprehensive collection of essays. The book details the many different means and expressions of austerity since the financial crisis of 2008, as well as backlashes and emerging political alternatives.

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The Rise of Food Charity in Europe

As the demand for food banks and other emergency food charities continues to rise across the continent, this is the first systematic Europe-wide study of the roots and consequences of this urgent phenomenon.

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Social Exclusion of Youth in Europe

The Multifaceted Consequences of Labour Market Insecurity

Adopting a mixed-method and multilevel perspective, this book provides a comprehensive investigation into the multifaceted consequences of social exclusion of young people and derives crucial new policy recommendations. Contributors offer fresh insights into areas including youth well-being, health, leaving home and risks of poverty.

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Is Europe Good for You?

EU Spending and Well-Being

This important book investigates how the European Union (EU) can use its regional funding programmes in ways that increase citizen well-being. It argues the case for enhancing the inclusivity of EU growth, which yields the promise of a more legitimate and stronger union.

Bristol Uni Press

The Struggle for Social Sustainability

Moral Conflicts in Global Social Policy

Leading interdisciplinary scholars focus on the ‘social’ of social policy. This ground-breaking volume tackles pressing ‘social questions’ and critically engages with contested conceptions of ‘the social’ which are increasingly deployed by international institutions and policy makers.

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Welfare Reform and Social Investment Policy in Europe and East Asia

International Lessons and Policy Implications

Providing original observations, this seminal text analyses the emergence of social investment policies in both Europe and East Asia. Experts explore the roads and barriers towards effective social investment policies, derive practical social policy implications and highlight important lessons for future social policymaking.

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Sustainable Human Development Across the Life Course

Evidence from Longitudinal Research

Edited by Prerna Banati

This important book presents impactful findings from international longitudinal studies that responded to the Agenda 2030 commitment to “leave no-one behind”.It provides actionable strategies for policy makers and practitioners to strengthen the global Sustainable Development Goals framework and accelerate their implementation.

Bristol Uni Press

The Foundational Economy and Citizenship

Comparative Perspectives on Civil Repair

With thinking around the foundational economy becoming increasingly influential, this interdisciplinary collection sets out its role in renewing citizenship and informing policy. Drawing on case studies in areas of social and economic concern, it explores how foundational experiments can foster collective consumption and promote social justice.

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