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Lifelong Learning Policies for Young Adults in Europe

Navigating between Knowledge and Economy

This comprehensive collection discusses topical issues that are essential to both scholarship and policy making in the realm of lifelong learning policies and how far they succeed in supporting young people across their life courses, rather than one-sidedly fostering human capital for the economy.

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Social Policy and the Capability Approach

Concepts, Measurements and Application

This book explores the advantages of the capability approach and offers a way forward in addressing conceptual and empirical issues as they apply specifically to social policy research and practice.

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Is Europe Good for You?

EU Spending and Well-Being

This important book investigates how the European Union (EU) can use its regional funding programmes in ways that increase citizen well-being. It argues the case for enhancing the inclusivity of EU growth, which yields the promise of a more legitimate and stronger union.

Bristol Uni Press

Creative Social Policy

The Collective Emancipation of Human Potential

Our societies are experiencing accumulating crises. This book argues that mainstream social policy has been part of the problem. Advocating an alternative notion of social policy, this text argues that states can liberate creative potentials by rethinking the role of knowledge and by adopting new policies, such as Universal Seed Money.

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From Greed to Wellbeing

A Buddhist Approach to Resolving Our Economic and Financial Crises

The global financial system seems caught in a cycle of boom and bust, instability and scandal. Building on the classic works of E F Schumacher and other kindred spirits, Magnuson provides a Buddhist economics perspective on this recurring pattern and offers new possibilities for change.

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The Human Atlas of Europe

A Continent United in Diversity

Written by leading international authors, this timely atlas explores Europe’s society, culture, economy, politics and environment using state of the art mapping techniques. It addresses fundamental questions around social cohesion and sustainable growth as Europe negotiates the UK’s exit while continuing through the economic crisis.

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Towards a Social Investment Welfare State?

Ideas, Policies and Challenges

This book maps out the contours of the European 'social investment' strategy, both at the ideational level and in terms of the policies implemented throughout Europe. It will appeal to both social policy scholars and policy experts.

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The Squeezed Middle

The Pressure on Ordinary Workers in America and Britain

Edited by Sophia Parker

"The squeezed middle" brings together leading experts from both sides of the Atlantic to ask what the UK can learn from the US experience of stagnating wages and rising living costs.

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Disputing Citizenship

This unique book presents a new perspective on citizenship by treating it as a continuing focus of dispute. The authors develop a view of citizenship as always emerging from struggle through an exploration of the entanglements of politics, culture and power that are both embodied and contested in forms and practices of citizenship.

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The Poverty of Nations

A Relational Perspective

This book examines poverty in the context of the economy, society and the political community, considering how states can respond to issues of inequality, exclusion and powerlessness. Drawing on examples in both rich and poor countries, this is an accessible contribution to the debate about the nature of poverty and responses to it.

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Exploring the World of Social Policy

An International Approach

Authored by two highly respected and experienced academics, this book demonstrates the rewards of studying social policy from an international perspective by avoiding the constraints of a single-nation focus.

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Austerity, Community Action, and the Future of Citizenship in Europe

Exploring secular and faith-based grassroots social action in Germany and the UK, this book provides new ways of thinking about social and political belonging and about the relations between individual, collective and State responsibility.

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