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Comparative and Global Social Policy

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Creative Social Policy

The Collective Emancipation of Human Potential

Our societies are experiencing accumulating crises. This book argues that mainstream social policy has been part of the problem. Advocating an alternative notion of social policy, this text argues that states can liberate creative potentials by rethinking the role of knowledge and by adopting new policies, such as Universal Seed Money.

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Is Europe Good for You?

EU Spending and Well-Being

This important book investigates how the European Union (EU) can use its regional funding programmes in ways that increase citizen well-being. It argues the case for enhancing the inclusivity of EU growth, which yields the promise of a more legitimate and stronger union.

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The Struggle for Social Sustainability

Moral Conflicts in Global Social Policy

Leading interdisciplinary scholars focus on the ‘social’ of social policy. This ground-breaking volume tackles pressing ‘social questions’ and critically engages with contested conceptions of ‘the social’ which are increasingly deployed by international institutions and policy makers.

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Welfare Reform and Social Investment Policy in Europe and East Asia

International Lessons and Policy Implications

Providing original observations, this seminal text analyses the emergence of social investment policies in both Europe and East Asia. Experts explore the roads and barriers towards effective social investment policies, derive practical social policy implications and highlight important lessons for future social policymaking.

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The Foundational Economy and Citizenship

Comparative Perspectives on Civil Repair

With thinking around the foundational economy becoming increasingly influential, this interdisciplinary collection sets out its role in renewing citizenship and informing policy. Drawing on case studies in areas of social and economic concern, it explores how foundational experiments can foster collective consumption and promote social justice.

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Minimum Income Standards and Reference Budgets

International and Comparative Policy Perspectives

Research into minimum income standards and reference budgets around the world is compared in this illuminating collection from leading academics in the field.

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Diffusing Human Trafficking Policy in Eurasia

Offering a perceptive study of the urgent human rights issue of trafficking in persons, this important book analyses the development and effectiveness of public policies across Eurasia.

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Exploring the World of Social Policy

An International Approach

Authored by two highly respected and experienced academics, this book demonstrates the rewards of studying social policy from an international perspective by avoiding the constraints of a single-nation focus.

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The Rise of Food Charity in Europe

As the demand for food banks and other emergency food charities continues to rise across the continent, this is the first systematic Europe-wide study of the roots and consequences of this urgent phenomenon.

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The Poverty of Nations

A Relational Perspective

This book examines poverty in the context of the economy, society and the political community, considering how states can respond to issues of inequality, exclusion and powerlessness. Drawing on examples in both rich and poor countries, this is an accessible contribution to the debate about the nature of poverty and responses to it.

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Lifelong Learning Policies for Young Adults in Europe

Navigating between Knowledge and Economy

This comprehensive collection discusses topical issues that are essential to both scholarship and policy making in the realm of lifelong learning policies and how far they succeed in supporting young people across their life courses, rather than one-sidedly fostering human capital for the economy.

Policy Press

Local Policies and the European Social Fund

Employment Policies Across Europe

Comparing data from 18 local case studies across 6 European countries, and deploying an innovative mixed-method approach, this book presents comparative evidence on everyday challenges in the context of the European Social Fund (ESF) and discusses how these findings are applicable to other funding schemes.

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