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Sentencing Serious Sex Offenders

How Judges Decide when Discretion is Wide

Addressing a lack of high-quality sentencing information in Ireland, this important book explores the factors that influence judges to impose a sentence of long-term imprisonment in sexual offence cases. The book is designed to be used in the classroom and the court, as well as providing a solid evidence base to inform policy-makers.

Bristol Uni Press

Abolitionist Voices

Edited by David Scott

Why have so many radical thinkers advocated for the abolition of prisons and punishment and why have their ideas been so difficult to communicate and garner widespread support? This book outlines the long and nuanced history of penal abolitionism and shows how these ideas have continued topicality.

Bristol Uni Press

The Development of Child Protection Systems and Practice in Low to Middle Income Countries

A first of its kind, this book explores child protection systems in non-Western, low- and middle-income countries, offering a descriptive, yet analytical, account of the development and current stage of practice in twelve different countries.

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Police Diversity

Beyond the Blue

Providing a unique ‘insider’ perspective on police diversity, this book reveals the current tensions between the police and diverse populations in the UK and US. It demonstrates the obstacles to progress, revealing how championing diversity as part of police reform efforts can positively impact the lives of policed communities.

Policy Press

Crimes of the Powerful and the Contemporary Condition

The Democratic Republic of Capitalism

The ultimate expression of power is the ability to act beyond the confines of law. Illuminating the condition of ‘panoramic power’, this book offers new thinking on damaging structures of power and privilege – and the political activities needed to achieve intervention and change.

Bristol Uni Press

Youth Justice

Towards a Contextualised Understanding of Policy-Making

Policy development and implementation has a pivotal role in the youth justice system, with a profound impact upon professionals and the children they work with. Presenting original research on a variety of stakeholder policy-makers in England and Wales, this book is key reading for researchers and practitioners responding to youth offending.

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Over-Efficiency in the Lower Criminal Courts

Understanding a Key Problem and How to Fix it

Using real world cases, this book reveals the tendency of magistrates’ courts to prioritise efficiency over substantive justice. Yates offers insights into the ways criminal courts can increase their speediness and cost-effectiveness, whilst upholding social justice and procedural due process.

Bristol Uni Press

Desistance and Children

Critical Reflections from Theory, Research and Practice

‘Desistance’ - understanding how people move away from offending – has become a significant policy focus in recent years, with desistance thinking transplanted from the adult to the youth justice system in England and Wales. This book is the first to critique this approach to justice-involved children.

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Conceptualising Arbitrary Detention

Power, Punishment and Control

Available open access digitally under CC-BY-NC-ND licence.

This book examines how governments misuse detention to abuse power, suppress dissent and maintain social hierarchies. Proposing solutions for future policy, this is a call for greater respect for the rule of law and human rights.

Bristol Uni Press

Modern Slavery in Global Context

Human Rights, Law, and Society

This collection brings together academics from a range of disciplines to examine modern slavery. Providing a platform to critique the legal, ideological and political responses to the issue, experts interrogate the construct of modern slavery and the anti-trafficking discourse which have dominated contemporary responses to exploitation.

Bristol Uni Press

The Crime Data Handbook

Crime research has grown substantially over the past decade, with a rise in evidence-informed approaches to criminal justice. The fuel that has driven this growth is data and one of its most pressing challenges is the lack of research on its use and interpretation. This accessible book closes that gap for researchers, practitioners and students.

Bristol Uni Press

Racial Justice and the Limits of Law

This book examines law’s troubled relationship with racial justice. Both a lawyer’s guide to anti-racism and an anti-racist’s guide to legal action, it unites these perspectives to help both groups understand how to use the law to tackle racial injustices.

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