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Journal of Gender-Based Violence

The Journal of Gender-Based Violence acknowledges both the breadth of gender-based violence (GBV) and its links to gendered inequalities. It aims to document the voices and experiences of victims and survivors of GBV, to publish work regarding those who perpetrate GBV and of the varied and complex social structures, inequalities and gender norms through which GBV is produced and sustained.

Special issue preview: Digital Technologies and Gender Based Violence - Mechanisms for oppression, activism and recovery 

Guest edited by Professor Christine Barter (Connect Centre, University of Central Lancashire, UK) and Dr Sanna Koulu, (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland).

Gender Based Violence (GBV), including domestic violence and abuse, interconnects with digital technology in complicated ways. In this special issue, mainly based on papers from the European Conference on Domestic Abuse (ECDV) 2019, we examine digital technology as an emerging infrastructure that allows for new forms of interactions, new environments and opportunities for diverse communities of GBV survivors to connect.  The papers included in this special issue comment on this shifting GBV digital landscape from different perspectives and disciplines. Contributions reflect on survivor’s individual experiences of digital technology as a mechanism to exert control, extending and strengthen intimate terrorism while others examine how digital technologies sustain and expand the intersection of interpersonal, cultural and structural forms of GBV.  Digital technology also offers the potential for resistance and recovery, critically explored in contributions examining the use of digital technology to provide remote support for GBV survivors, apps for increasing women’s safety and remote delivery of perpetrator programmes as well as proving a platform for survivor-led transformative campaigns and support. However, issues of digital inequality, risk and protectionist attitudes, especially in relation to young people, are also highlighted by contributors. In the two years since the last ECDV conference, we have seen the world change in unprecedented ways, making this special issue on digital technologies and GBV even more pertinent. 

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Digital media and domestic violence in Australia: essential contexts
Molly Dragiewicz et al. 

Coercive control and technology-facilitated parental stalking in children’s and young people’s lives
Anna Nikupeteri, Emma Katz, and Merja Laitinen 

Generic personal safety applications: empowering victims of domestic violence and abuse? A practitioner lens
Di Turgoose and Ruth McKie

Teenagers’ access to digital technologies and refuge life: balancing safety, risk and protectionism
Kelly Bracewell, Cath Larkins and Nicky Stanley

The continuum of symbolic violence: how sexting education neglects image-based sexual abuse, dismisses perpetrators’ responsibility, and violates rights to sexual autonomy
Julia Zauner

A problem solved is a problem created: the opportunities and challenges associated with an online domestic violence perpetrator programme
Rosanna Bellini and Nicole Westmarland

Digital technologies and the violent surveillance of nonbinary gender
Jama Shelton

Tech-facilitated violence: thinking structurally and intersectionally
Jane Bailey and Jacquie Burkell 

The full issue will publish in October. Follow @JGBVjournal on Twitter to be notified when the issue comes online. 

Free articles on the topic of domestic violence

Domestic violence and abuse, coronavirus, and the media narrative
Emma Williamson, Nancy Lombard and Oona Brooks-Hay

Knowledge translation activity of a domestic violence research network: a scoping survey
Jacqui Cameron, Cathy Humphreys and Kelsey Hegarty

Women on the move: administrative data as a safe way to research hidden domestic violence journeys
Janet Christine Bowstead

The challenges of developing and implementing a bystander intervention for the prevention of domestic violence and abuse in UK communities
Rachel Fenton et al.

'All I wanted was a happy life': the struggles of women with learning disabilities to raise their children while also experiencing domestic violence
Michelle Mccarthy

Editors Choice collection

Enjoy free access to 6 of our editors’ top articles from recent issues until 31 January 2022, including:

'The edge to him was really, really nasty': abusive tactics used against informal supporters of domestic violence survivors
Alison Care Gregory

Interviewer effects on the reporting of intimate partner violence in the 2015 Zimbabwe Demographic and Heath Survey
Nicholas Metheny and Rob Stephenson

Heroes and others: tensions and challenges in implementing Mentors in Violence Prevention in Swedish schools [Open Access]
Linnéa Bruno et al.

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