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Employed carers and family-friendly employment policies

By Sue Yeandle, Andrea Wigfield, Rosemary Crompton and Jane Dennett


Sep 25, 2002

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Employed carers and family-friendly employment policies

Employers are placing increasing significance on human resources policies designed to enable their employees to achieve an improved work-life balance. This report outlines how employees and managers in three sectors - banking, grocery retail and local authorities - have experienced the 'family-friendly employment' options available in their place of work.

The report presents key findings in relation to:

· how aware employees are of the family-friendly policies of their employers;

· what links, if any, employers have with local care service providers;

· how well managers understand the policies;

· what barriers there are to implementation of family-friendly policies.

Sue Yeandle is Professor of Sociology in the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University.

Andrea Wigfield is currently researching employment issues at the University of Sheffield.

Rosemary Crompton is Professor of Sociology at City University, London

Jane Dennett was formerly a researcher at City University.

Introduction and background; Caring and employment in two localities; Employers and family-friendly employment policies; Caring and the experiences of employees; Infrastructures of care support and examples of good practice; Conclusions.

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