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Diverse Voices in Health Law and Ethics

Important Perspectives

This book illuminates the often-overlooked perspectives of marginalized communities within health law. It reveals that the prevailing narrative in health law may not adequately safeguard the interests of minority groups and advocates for the integration of health inequality studies into healthcare law education.

Bristol Uni Press
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The Short Guide to Mental Health

This is a concise introduction to important concepts and debates in the field of mental health. Deirdre Heenan brings together different stakeholders’ perspectives to explore contemporary issues around the prevalence, cost and determinants of mental illness, and the responding attitudes and services, for a comprehensive and accessible primer.

Policy Press
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The Adult Safeguarding Practice Handbook 2e

The second edition of this best-selling book continues to provide an essential guide to best practice in adult safeguarding. It includes recent legislation, guidance and research-based developments and relates them to practice examples.

Policy Press
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Health Policy in the United States

Access, Cost and Quality

Introducing the fundamentals of health policy and offering analysis of major health care programmes and reflections on issues around access, quality, cost and the ethics of provision, this book provides a comprehensive exploration of the role and influence of public policy on the medical system in the United States.

Policy Press

Critical Social Work with Children and Families

Theory, Context and Practice

This fully-updated, accessible textbook considers the theory and practice of critical social work in addressing inequality and social injustice. It is essential reading for students, educators and practitioners of child and family social work.

Policy Press

Social Work in Wales

Essential reading for students and practicing social workers in Wales, this book is the first to examine what makes the Welsh context unique, including the move towards joint children, families and adult provision and the emphasis on early intervention partnership considerations.

Policy Press

Applying Strengths-Based Approaches in Social Work

This key text offers the first overview of the strengths-based approach in social work from the UK perspective. Covering the five main models of strengths-based practice, with case studies and practical guidance on theory into practice, the text enables students and practitioners to apply the benefits in their own social work practice.

Policy Press

The Best Interests Assessor Practice Handbook

Second edition

Essential reading for Best Interests Assessor students and practitioners, this fully-updated handbook gives practical advice on the legal aspects, values and practice elements of the role. It takes account of the Mental Capacity Amendment Act 2019 and the new context for practice in the Approved Mental Capacity Professional role.

Policy Press

Participatory Practice

Community-based Action for Transformative Change

This unique, holistic and radical perspective on participatory practice has been updated to reflect on advances made in the past decade and the impact of austerity. The innovative text bridges the divide between community development ideas and practice and considers how to bring about transformative social change.

Policy Press

Support and Protection Across the Lifecourse

A Practical Approach for Social Workers

Drawing on the authors’ extensive experience as educators, this book puts forward a new model of social work practice that both supports and protects service users across the lifecourse.

Policy Press

Doing Accessible Social Research

A Practical Guide

In this book, Daniela Aidley and Kriss Fearon provide a practical introduction to making it easier for everyone to take part in research. It will be invaluable to researchers from a variety of backgrounds looking to increase participation in their research, whether postgraduate students, experienced academic researchers, or practitioners.

Policy Press

Critical Questions for Ageing Societies

This myth-busting and question-focused textbook tackles the important social and policy issues posed by ageing. A unique pedagogical approach recognises the gap between the lives of students and older people, and equips students with the conceptual, analytical and critical tools to understand what it means to grow old and live in an ageing society.

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