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Health Inequalities

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Advancing Health Rights Through Community Development and Participatory Praxis

In our post-pandemic world, the international community and national governments are searching for new solutions to build healthy and resilient societies. This timely book focuses on community participation in building healthier populations, with practical examples from the Global North and South.

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Diverse Voices in Health Law and Ethics

Important Perspectives

This book illuminates the often-overlooked perspectives of marginalized communities within health law. It reveals that the prevailing narrative in health law may not adequately safeguard the interests of minority groups and advocates for the integration of health inequality studies into healthcare law education.

Bristol Uni Press

Paradoxes of PrEP for HIV Prevention

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a drug taken by HIV-negative people before and after sex that reduces the risk of getting HIV. This book demonstrates that the PrEP journey is infused with paradoxes and argues for a more social and relational approach to public health.

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Exposing Menstrual Myths

Despite being a widely recognised phenomenon, PMS remains difficult to define clinically, with no universally agreed diagnostic criteria or shortlist of deterministic symptoms. This book aims to accurately define and explain cyclical experiences and debunk the myth of the hysterical female, once and for all.

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Social Murder?

Austerity and Life Expectancy in the UK

Combining robust evidence with real-life stories, this book reveals the shocking impact of austerity policies on life expectancy and offers an optimistic vision of what can be done to restore life expectancy and reduce health inequality.

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Pandemic Societies

This important book explores the dimensions, dynamics and implications of the emerging pandemic society, shedding new light on how pandemics are socially produced and, in turn, shape societies in governance, work and recreation, science and technology, education, and family life.

Bristol Uni Press

A Guide to Commissioning for Health and Wellbeing

This book offers you a warm welcome into the often-complex world of healthcare commissioning. Amanda J. Hughes shares personal insights from her commissioning career and practical guidance that will demystify the commissioning cycle and ease the journey as you strive to achieve good outcomes.

Policy Press

Mental Capacity Law, Sexual Relationships, and Intimacy

This edited collection brings together a range of academics, practitioners and organisations to consider the implications of recent case law around consent in sexual relationships on the day-to-day lives of people with cognitive impairments.

Bristol Uni Press

The Sick Trans Person

Negotiations, Healthcare, and the Tension of Demedicalization

By elevating trans voices and experiences, this book offers a new perspective on transness, medicalization and research methodologies to help trans people, practitioners and policy makers better understand the barriers faced by trans people when seeking healthcare.

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Healthy Societies

Policy, Practice and Obstacles

Re-examining health, healthcare and societal health using the latest data and research, this book addresses definitions of health, changes in health over time and the contribution of healthcare. It also suggests ways of effectively tackling obstacles to improving health and healthcare in 21st century Britain.

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Bodily Fluids, Fluid Bodies and International Politics

Feminist Technoscience, Biopolitics and Security

Analysing the plasma of paid Mexicana/o donors in the US, airport vomit in Ebola epidemics, and the semen of soldiers with genitourinary injuries, this book shows how security practices focus upon governing bodily fluids and, as a result, perpetuate inequalities.

Bristol Uni Press

Alienation and Wellbeing

This book offers insights into the argument that capitalist society damages human health and well-being. Drawing on and bringing Marx’s theory of alienation forward to the present day, it uniquely links it to well-being.

Bristol Uni Press