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Critical and Radical Social Work

Revolutionary social work: Promoting sustainable justice

Guest Editors
Masoud Kamali, Mid Sweden University, Sweden masokama68@gmail.com
Jessica H. Jönsson, Örebro University, Sweden jessica-hanna.jonsson@oru.se

Neoliberal globalisation and structural transformations have changed the world and led to increasing war, violence and inequalities, which have hade crucial impact on the core activities of social work on the global scale. This requires a radical and revolutionary change in understanding the global mission of social work beyond national boundaries. This becomes more accurate in a time when neoliberal reorganisation of social politics is transforming the profession of social work to become the servant of global market and neoliberal policies rather than a movement for social change and social justice. This calls for a re-examination of social work research, education and practice and a need to foster a revolutionary position in social work aimed at promoting global and sustainable justice.

The aims of this themed issue of the Critical and Radical Social Work journal are to:

  • Identify novel and radical patterns of action, interesting empirical insights and theoretical contributions to such research stream and further the professions’ understanding of its revolutionary mission
  • Provide examples of critical and radical social work research that helps to develop revolutionary social work methods based on critical knowledge for revolutionary changes
  • Provide examples of revolutionary pedagogical tools and skills in education of social work, including critical and radical curriculum development and revolutionary and progressive methods of professional and field training
  • Identify contemporary revolutionary actions, movements and mobilisation of resistance for changing the neoliberal and postcolonial world order, including global alliances with civil actors, activists and political groups for monitoring social justice

The guest editors welcome proposals for contributions on topics, which fall within the scope of the special issue.

We will also seek or commission book reviews and short papers on Voices from the frontline and Pioneers of the radical tradition in social work.

Submission details
The guest editors invite you to submit abstracts (not exceeding 300 words) for consideration by e-mail copied to both guest editors Masoud Kamali masokama68@gmail.com and Jessica H. Jönsson jessica-hanna.jonsson@oru.se.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 30 September 2018

Decisions on the commissioning of full papers will be made by 31st October 2018. Full papers should be submitted by 28 February 2019. The papers will be subject to full peer review prior to decision on publication and accepted papers will be published in either the special issue or a regular issue of the journal. Submission of the final version of papers to Policy Press by 1st August 2019. Publication will be in the November 2019 journal issue 7(3).

Editorial information
Guest Editor: Masoud Kamali, Mid Sweden University (masokama68@gmail.com)
Guest Editor: Jessica H. Jönsson, Örebro University (jessica-hanna.jonsson@oru.se)