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The top 10 most read papers published in Critical and Radical Social Work in 2018 were:

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Marx: alienation, commodity fetishism and the world of contemporary social work
Authors: Lavalette, Michael; Ferguson, Iain

The year 1968: the turning point when US social work failed to turn
Author: Reisch, Michael

Collectivising solution-focused practice
Authors: Shennan, Guy; Gardiner, Marc

Making Sense of Madness: Revisiting R.D. Laing
Author: Ferguson, Iain

The Case Con generation, 197075
Authors: Feldon, Peter; de Chenu, Linda; Weinstein, Jeremy

Marxism, class and women's oppression
Author: German, Lindsey

Updating the Gender Recognition Act: trans oppression, moral panics and implications for social work
Author: Miles, Laura

Promoting the empowerment and liberation of people in Palestine
Authors: Amira, Raed; Ballantyne, Neil; Duarte, Filipe

Women in revolt: 1968 and today
Author: Orr, Judith

They've lost that wounded look': Stonewall and the struggle for LGBT+ rights
Author: Field, Nicola