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Evidence & Policy
is the first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to comprehensive and critical assessment of the relationship between researchers and the evidence they produce and the concerns of policy makers and practitioners.

International in scope and interdisciplinary in focus, it addresses the needs of those who develop public policies, provide public services, or provide the research base for evaluation and development across a wide range of social and public policy issues (e.g. criminal justice, employment and welfare, education, environmental protection, finance, health, housing, international development, social care, and transport), and those who are working to connect the two (such as knowledge brokers).

As well as more traditional research articles, the journal includes contemporary debate pieces and articles from practice and book reviews.

What people are saying about Evidence & Policy

"Evidence & Policy is the journal that helps me to keep up to date with the latest thinking and research in this field and the Sources and Resources section is invaluable”. 
Sandra Nutley, Professor of Public Policy and Management, School of Management, University of St Andrews

"It is crucial to understand how the use of solid evidence can improve policy advice, and improve professional service delivery practices. Evidence & Policy stepped boldly into this emerging field a decade ago, and helped define the issues, advance understandings, and improve professional practices.  I look forward to the next 10 years, and beyond, as it helps to shape the future of the field." 
Professor Brian Head FASSA, ARC Professorial Fellow, Institute for Social Science Research & School of Political Science, The University of Queensland, Australia

"This journal contributes significantly to our understanding of how and where evidence influences policy not only by broadening the horizons of researchers and policy makers on what counts in the decision process, but by its focus on experience in the field." 
Fred Carden, Director, Evaluation, International Development Research Centre, Canada

"This is a journal that many researchers, decision makers and public service providers have been waiting for."
Professor Haluk Soydan, University of Southern California 

“Evidence-based policy is the watchword today in many countries and with many international organizations. This journal is the place to explore its many meanings, how it is operationalized and how it works. A journal worth reading!” 
Professor Tom Cook, Northwestern University