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Editorial Board

Management Board

Katherine Smith Editor in Chief; University of Strathclyde
Mark Pearson Editor in Chief; Hull York Medical School

Will Allen Associate Editor; University of OXford, UK 
Melanie Barwick
 Associate Editor; Sick Kids, Canada
Mark Hardy Associate Editor; University of York 
Blane Harvey Associate Editor; Overseas Development Institute
Anita Kothari Associate Editor; Western University, Canada
Zachary Neal Associate Editor; Michigan State University, USA
Arnaldo Pellini Associate Editor; Overseas Development Institute
Caitlin Farrell Regional Editor - North America; University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Justin Parkhurst Chair of the Board; London School of Economics, UK
Taya Collyer Editorial Officer; University of Edinburgh, UK
Julia Mortimer Publisher; Bristol University Press and Policy Press, UK 


Editorial Advisory Board 

The editorial team at Evidence & Policy is supported by a distinguished international advisory board, including: 

Fred Carden, Using Evidence Inc., Canada
Cynthia Coburn, Northwestern University, USA
Brian Head, University of Queensland, Australia
John Lavis, McMaster University, Canada
Cynthia Lum, George Mason University, USA
Jordi Molas-Gallart, INGENIO, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain
Lawrence Palinkas, University of Southern California, USA
Jack B. Spaapen, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Netherlands