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Families, Relationships and Societies

An international journal of research and debate


Lynn Jamieson,
University of Edinburgh, UK 


Alison Koslowski,
University of Edinburgh, UK

Autumn Roesch-Marsh,
University of Edinburgh, UK

Open Space Editors

Esther Dermott,
University of Bristol, UK

Tina Miller,
Oxford Brookes University, UK 

Impact factor and ranking

2018 IF: 0.581 (2yr), 0.906 (5yr)

Ranked 40th out of 46 in Family Studies

Print: 2046-7435
Online: 2046-7443

March, July and November

About the journal

Families, Relationships and Societies (FRS) is a vibrant social science journal advancing scholarship and debates in the field of families and relationships. It explores family life, relationships and generational issues across the life course. Bringing together a range of social science perspectives, with a strong policy and practice focus, it is also strongly informed by sociological theory and the latest methodological approaches. The title 'Families, Relationships and Societies' encompasses the fluidity, complexity and diversity of contemporary social and personal relationships and their need to be understood in the context of different societies and cultures. Read more