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Call for a Co-Editor of Families, Relationships and Societies

The Editorial Management Board of Families, Relationships and Societies (FRS) invites applications to join their editorial team from January 2022 as a Co-Editor to help shape and develop the journal.


Application Deadline: Monday 7 January 2022


Families, Relationships and Societies aims to be a journal of choice for family studies scholars who are addressing issues of theoretical, methodological and empirical importance. Celebrating a decade of publications, it has established significant reach and reputation. The journal also aims to have a reputation for providing a fair, constructive, consistent and timely editorial process that offers genuine engagement with submissions. More information about the journal can be found here: https://policy.bristoluniversitypress.co.uk/journals/families-relationships-and-societies


The journal reflects diverse theoretical and methodological approaches and draws on international research and global perspectives. It is not aligned to one social science discipline: it welcomes scholarship from sociology, social policy, and social work, and also more widely, human geography, demography, anthropology, childhood studies, socio-legal studies, and explicitly interdisciplinary perspectives. It includes work based in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods. Families, Relationships and Societies encompasses the fluidity, complexity and diversity of contemporary social and personal relationships and their need to be understood in the context of different societies and cultures. It prioritises work that makes original empirical contributions, challenges theoretical understandings, and/or contributes to ideas about practice, including challenging alternatives.

Applications are invited from prospective Co-Editors who reflect the multi-disciplinary and international nature of the journal in their expertise (sociology, social policy, social work, and related disciplines) and complement the interests of the current Editorial board.


The Co-Editor will handle manuscripts (allocation of reviewers, final decision making, liaison with editorial assistant); support authors in enhancing the quality of their manuscripts for publication; attend (virtual) monthly editorial meetings to ensure consistency and timeliness of processes and to liaise on strategy; attend Management Board meetings (2 x year); develop and sustain a network of referees; promote the journal through their professional and disciplinary networks.


Applications should provide a covering note addressing what you can bring to the journal in terms of your experience of working on other journals, your areas of relevant expertise and why you feel you meet the requirements of the role (max. 500 words) and a short CV.


Please submit your application by Monday 7 January 2022 to Edwina Thorn, Journals Manager at Policy Press (edwina.thorn@bristol.ac.uk).

Please feel free to contact the Editor in Chief Esther Dermott (esther.dermott@bristol.ac.uk) to informally discuss the role. All applications will be considered by a Selection Committee. The selected candidates will enter into a contract with Policy Press, the publisher of the journal.


Editorial Team


Editor in Chief
Professor Esther Dermott, University of Bristol, UK


Dr Manik Deepak-Gopinath, Open University, UK
Dr Sara Eldén, Lund Universtiy, Sweden
Dr Elena Moore, University of Cape Town, South Africa


Editor at Large
Professor Lynn Jamieson, Edinburgh University, UK


Associate Editors
Professor Kathryn Almack, University of Hertfordshire, UK
Dr Harriet Churchill, University of Sheffield, UK (Special Issues)
Dr Charlotte Faircloth, UCL, UK
Dr Thomas Fletcher, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Dr Patricia Hamilton, UCL, UK
Professor Tina Miller, Oxford Brookes University, UK (Open Space)
Dr Helen Norman, University of Leeds, UK
Dr Julie Walsh, University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Junko Yamashita, University of Bristol, UK