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Families, Relationships and Societies favourites of 2020

We wanted to share some of our readers' favourite content that you might have missed. Please enjoy free access to some of our most read and highly cited articles, along with some of our editors’ top articles from recent issues.

All articles below are free to access until 31 December 2020

Most Read of 2019

The shame and shaming of parents in the child protection process: findings from a case study of an English child protection service
Matthew Gibson

Disguised compliance or undisguised nonsense? A critical discourse analysis of compliance and resistance in social work practice
Jadwiga Leigh, Liz Beddoe and Emily Keddell

From genograms to peer group mapping: Introducing peer relationships into social work assessment and intervention
Carlene Firmin

Relationship Expectations: Normative Ideals, Practice and Social Change
Alison Koslowski, Lynn Jamieson, Autumn Roesch-Marsh, Tina Miller and Esther Dermott

Comparative Life Experiences: Young Adult Siblings with and Without Disabilities' Different Understandings of Their Respective Life Experiences During Young Adulthood
Ariella Meltzer

Ones to Watch

Inheritance and family conflicts: exploring asset transfers shaping intergenerational relations
Misa Izuhara and Stephan Köppe

Revisiting the use of 'counselling' as a means of preparing prospective parents to meet the emerging psychosocial needs of families that have used gamete donation
Marilyn Crawshaw and Ken Daniels

The personal life of Facebook: managing friendships with social media
Veronica Policarpo

Highly Cited

Let's stop feeding the risk monster: towards a social model of 'child protection'
Brid Featherstone, Anna Gupta, Kate Morris and Joanne Warner

Conforming to intensive parenting ideals: willingness, reluctance and social context
Ciara Smyth and Craig Lyn

Paternal involvement in childcare: how can it be classified and what are the key influences?
Helen Norman

Poverty and child neglect - the elephant in the room?
Anna Gupta

People try and police your behaviour': the impact of surveillance on mothers and grandmothers' perceptions and experiences of infant feeding [Open Access]
Aimee Grant, Dawn Mannay and Ruby Marzella

Working it out: strategies to reconcile work and family among Swedish lone mothers
Jenny Alsarve

The co-location of home and work in two generations of farmers: what effects on fathering practices?
Berit Brandth

The rise and rise of prevention science in UK family welfare: surveillance gets under the skin
Sue White

Editors' Choice 

Free to read until 31 January
Freedom and foreclosure: Intimate consequences for asexual identities
Matt Dawson, Susie Scott and Liz Mcdonnell

Comparative life experiences: young adult siblings with and without disabilities' different understandings of their respective life experiences during young adulthood
Ariella Meltzer

Displaying parenthood, (un)doing gender: parental leave, daycare and working-time adjustments in Sweden and the UK
Gayle Kaufman and Anne Grönlund

Mothering and othering in the city: Polish migrants in the UK
Agata Lisiak

'So we try to do normal things, like a family': sociologies of children in the prison visiting room
Helene Oldrup

'Whingeing' husbands: men's practices of intimacy and inequality in urban China
Siyang Cao

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