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Journal of Gender-Based Violence


Marianne Hester,
University of Bristol


Nadia Aghtaie,
University of Bristol

Geetanjali Gangoli
University of Bristol

Natasha Mulvihill,
University of Bristol

William Turner
University of Bristol

Emma Williamson
University of Bristol

Print: 2398-6808
Online: 2398-6816

February, June and October

About the journal

The Journal of Gender-Based Violence (JGBV), is the first international journal based in Europe to show case the work of scholars across disciplinary and topic boundaries, and from a range of methodologies.

The journal acknowledges both the breadth of gender-based violence (GBV) and its links to gendered inequalities. It aims to continue to document the voices and experiences of victims and survivors of GBV, to publish work regarding those who perpetrate GBV and of the varied and complex social structures, inequalities and gender norms through which GBV is produced and sustained. The journal recognises the intersection of gender with other identities and power relations, such as ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, faith, disability and economic status. Read more