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About the journal

The Journal of Gender-Based Violence (JGBV), is the first international journal based in Europe to show case the work of scholars across disciplinary and topic boundaries, and from a range of methodologies.

The journal acknowledges both the breadth of gender-based violence (GBV) and its links to gendered inequalities. It aims to continue to document the voices and experiences of victims and survivors of GBV, to publish work regarding those who perpetrate GBV and of the varied and complex social structures, inequalities and gender norms through which GBV is produced and sustained. The journal recognises the intersection of gender with other identities and power relations, such as ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, faith, disability and economic status.

JGBV publishes high quality papers that contribute to understanding of GBV, policy, and/or activism, on sexual violence, domestic abuse, ‘honour’-based violence, prostitution, trafficking and/or reproductive violence and abuse in a wide range of intimate, familial, community and societal contexts.

The editors invite interest from scholars working across the social sciences and related fields including social policy, sociology, politics, criminology, law, social psychology, development and economics, as well as disciplines allied to medicine, health and wellbeing.

The Journal of Gender-Based Violence is published by Policy Press on behalf of the Centre for Gender and Violence Research, University of Bristol.

What people are saying about the Journal of Gender-Based Violence

"The Journal of Gender-Based Violence is a welcome addition to feminist publication venues for research and commentary in this field. With an outstanding editorial team, the journal will provide a major service to academics, practitioners and policy makers through the dissemination of significant studies, as well as essays on policy and practice links and book reflections."
Claire M. Renzetti, Editor, Violence Against Women: An International, Interdisciplinary Journal, and Judi Conway Patton Endowed Chair for Studies of Violence Against Women, University of Kentucky

"The Journal of Gender-Based Violence addresses a critical challenge for our world, that is ending gender-based violence and promoting violence-free relationships and communities.... This journal and its editor, Marianne Hester, bring an important perspective that deserves greater visibility."

Jeffrey L Edleson, PhD, School of Social Welfare, Berkeley, California

"The Journal of Gender-Based Violence fills what is now a gaping hole in publication outlets; its international focus will quickly and significantly propel work in this area forward."

Cris M. Sullivan, Michigan State University

"The multidisciplinary approach of the Journal of Gender-Based Violence will provide a scholarly illumination not only of the complexity of the issue, but also offers a place for transforming knowledge into innovative responses."

Patrick O'Leary, Griffith University, Australia

“The Journal of Gender-Based Violence is to be welcomed in providing an European perspective on understandings and responses to this complex set of phenomena.”

John Devaney, Queens University Belfast

“This new journal is long overdue and promises to become an essential tool in this important area of work.”

Rebecca Dobash & Russell Dobash, Emeritus Professors, Criminology, School of Law, University of Manchester. Authors of Violence Against Wives: A Case Against the Patriarchy, 1979; Women, Violence & Social Change, 1992; When Men Murder Women, 2015.