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The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice provides an internationally unique forum for leading research on the themes of poverty and social justice. Focusing on poverty and social exclusion, the journal explores links with social security (including pensions and tax credits), employment, area regeneration, housing, health, education and criminal justice, as well as issues of ethnicity, gender, disability, and other social inequalities as they relate to social justice.

The Journal encompasses an original and exciting mix of scholarly research articles and lively policy- and practice-oriented discussions of topical questions.

Interdisciplinary and international in scope the journal is essential reading for academics, students, policy-makers and practitioners interested in poverty, social security, welfare and justice.

The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice welcomes submissions from those working in these areas across the globe. All research articles are peer-reviewed.


What people are saying about the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

"The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice plays a unique role in mapping the vicissitudes of social policy and programmes in the new post-crisis world."
Ian Gough, London School of Economics & Political Science

"Edited by a very talented team, the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice is a key journal in the field. Required reading for those interested in social security, the welfare state and justice and poverty - now far more widely defined."
Danny Dorling, University of Sheffield

"The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice has its finger on the policy pulse with its timely and thoughtful articles by leading commentators on the poverty and welfare reform issues that are top of policy makers' and campaigners' agendas."
Kate Green, MP 

"…important reading for academics, practitioners and policy makers"
Alan Deacon, Professor of Social Policy, University of Leeds 

"In the current climate of retrenchment, the Journal serves as an important source of information on social policy issues and provides an excellent forum for following the ongoing discourse on their impact."
Abraham Doron, Hebrew University of Jerusalem