Policy Press

Justice, Power and Resistance Co-Editor

Job description

The Co-Editors have overall responsibility for all editorial aspects of the Journal including:

  • Commissioning and encouraging quality submissions with broad international authorship;
  • Working with the wider Editorial Team (namely the Section Editors) to receive submissions; identify suitable referees; make editorial decisions on acceptance, revision or rejection in the light of referees’ reports; oversee the journey of accepted papers from acceptance to publication; liaising with the publisher over publication arrangements; or, where a decision is made to reject unsuitable manuscripts, rejecting manuscripts in a manner that respects the efforts of the author and provides suitable encouragement in their future efforts;
  • Sustaining and enhancing the quality of the articles published in the journal, This includes establishing policies and guidelines for acceptance of manuscripts and general instructions for authors, with a view to ensuring manuscript submissions that meet the scope and high standards of the journa
  • Liaising with other members of the Editorial Team to ensure content is delivered to schedule;
  • Deciding on the content and balance of each issue of the journal (apart from guest edited special issues, where the editor would reach a broad agreement with the guest editor(s) on the shape of the issue);
  • Liaising closely with colleagues at Policy Press and ensuring schedules and deadlines are adhered to;
  • Maintaining and further developing the international reputation of the journal;
  • Working with the Co-Editors and Editorial Assistant to organise annual meetings of the Editorial Management Board and Editorial Collective and preparing an Editors’ Report and any other relevant papers for these meetings.
  • Formulating and reviewing the journal’s editorial strategy in collaboration with the other Co-Editors and putting ideas for development to the Management Board;
  • Developing and sustaining a wide network of reliable referees;
  • Working with the Editorial Collective to generate, and respond to, ideas for special/themed issues of the journal or themed calls for papers;
  • Encouraging active participation in the journal on the part of the Editorial Collective.


The term of office is three years. The selected candidate will enter into contract with Policy Press, the publisher of the journal. The workload is very variable, but can be up to one day per week during busy times, e.g. before production deadlines. Therefore, it is essential that the Co-Editors divide the work equitably and collaborate well together.

Personal Specification


  • Scholar of good international reputation and with an excellent international network in the field;
  • Editorial experience, including extensive experience of refereeing for a range of journals;
  • Understanding of the processes and operations of an academic journal – for example by membership of an Editorial Board;
  • Can come from any discipline covered by the journal, but must be sympathetic to the inter-disciplinary nature of the journal, and able to encourage submissions from all perspectives;
  • Open to a range of research methods and philosophies;
  • Sympathetic to research connecting academic, practitioner and activist networks;
  • Vision and passion for development of the Journal and expanding its networks and reach;
  • Experience of using an online journal submission and peer review system;
  • Commitment to the practicalities of the role and able to devote the time required;
  • Able to attend virtual Editorial Management Board and Editorial Collective meetings in a time slot that works for the majority of Board members (including the UK based publishers)



  • Experience of publishing in Justice, Power and Resistance or familiarity with the journal.