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Policy & Politics favourites of 2020

We wanted to share some of our readers' favourite content that you might have missed. Please enjoy free access to some of our most read and highly cited articles, along with some of our editors’ highlights from recent issues. 

All articles below are free to access until 31 December 2020:

Most Read of 2019

The Impact of Management Consultants on Public Service Efficiency
Ian Kirkpatrick, Andrew J Sturdy, Nuria Reguera Alvarado, Antonio Blanco-Oliver and Gianluca Veronesi

When design meets power: Design thinking, public sector innovation and the politics of policymaking [Open Access]
Jenny M Lewis, Michael McGann and Emma Blomkamp

The use and abuse of participatory governance by populist governments [Open Access]
Agnes Batory and Sara Svensson

Can The Governance Paradigm Survive The Rise of Populism?
Gerry Stoker

Rethinking the role of experts and expertise in behavioural public policy
Peter John and Gerry Stoker

Ones to Watch

Three habits of successful policy entrepreneurs [Open Access]
Paul Cairney

Is it time to give up on evidence-based policy? Four answers
Richard D. French

The lessons of policy learning: types, triggers, hindrances and pathologies [Open Access]
Claire A. Dunlop and Claudio M. Radaelli

Narratives as tools for influencing policy change [Open Access]
Deserai Crow and Michael Jones

Why advocacy coalitions matter and practical insights about them
Christopher M. Weible and Karin Ingold

Matching policy tools and their targets: beyond nudges and utility maximisation in policy design
Michael Howlett

Creating public value through caring for place
Patsy Heale

Highly Cited

Understanding the transfer of policy failure: bricolage, experimentalism and translation
Diane Stone

Policy learning and policy failure: definitions, dimensions and intersections
Claire A. Dunlop

Policy myopia as a source of policy failure: adaptation and policy learning under deep uncertainty
Sreeja Nair and Michael Howlett

Can experience be evidence? Craft knowledge and evidence-based policing
Jenny Fleming and Rod Rhodes

What ever happened to asset-based welfare? Shifting approaches to housing wealth and welfare security
Ronald Richard, Christian Lennartz and Justin Kadi

Highlights Collection  

The limits of localism: a decade of disaster on homelessness in England [Open Access]
Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Hal Pawson and Beth Watts

Does knowledge brokering facilitate evidence-based policy? A review of existing knowledge and an agenda for future research [Open Access]
Eleanor MacKillop, Sarah Quarmby and James Downe

Policy windows and multiple streams: an analysis of alcohol pricing policy in England [Open Access]
Benjamin Hawkins and Jim McCambridge

See also: Volume 46, Number 4, October 2018 our free sample issue.