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The top 5 most read papers published in Voluntary Sector Review in 2019 were:

Free to access until 29 February 2020

Selling volunteering or developing volunteers? Approaches to promoting sports volunteering
Authors: Geoff Nichols, Eddy Hogg, Caroline Knight and Ryan Storr

Voluntary organic leadership for community resilience
Author: Benjamin J. Lough

Civil society strategy: a policy review
Authors: Ellen Bennett, Tracey Coule, Chris Damm, Chris Dayson, Jon Dean and Rob Macmillan

The difference leadership makes? Debating and conceptualising leadership in the UK voluntary sector
Authors: Vita Terry, James Rees and Carol Jacklin-Jarvis

The impact of a changing policy environment on board members in small and medium-sized voluntary organisations
Author: Lindsey Metcalf

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