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New Perspectives in Policy and Politics

Edited by Sarah Ayres, University of Bristol, UK, Steve Martin, Cardiff Business School, UK and Felicity Matthews, Sheffield University, UK.

“The 'New Perspectives' book series takes a reinvigorated Policy and Politics confidently into its fifth decade - even more determined than ever to shed new light on the complex inter-relationships between politics and policy making across a wide range of settings and time periods.” Professor Andrew Jordan, University of East Anglia, UK

“The ‘New Perspectives’ book series offers critical reflections on contemporary debates in public and social policy by linking large scale political issues with micro level policy implementation – the hallmark of Policy & Politics.” Professor Guy Peters, University of Pittsburgh University, US

The changing nature of politics and the contemporary challenges facing public and social policy demand new perspectives that contest existing assumptions and deliver new ways of understanding a changing world. From institutional reform to network governance, and from public expectations to political inequality, the New Perspectives in Policy & Politics book series focuses on state-of-the-art contributions that aim to re-orient perennial debates or open-up emerging seams of research.

The series is inter-disciplinary in approach, international in scope and seeks to publish books that are both theoretically-informed and policy-relevant. Most of all, the New Perspectives in Policy & Politics series seeks to challenge and redefine debates concerning both politics and public and social policy through fresh and innovative contributions to the field.

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Rethinking Policy and Politics

Reflections on Contemporary Debates in Policy Studies

Edited by Sarah Ayres

The book offers critical reflections on the recent history and future direction of policy studies, advancing the debate by rethinking the ways in which scholars and students of policy studies can (re)engage with pertinent issues. First published as a Special Issue of Policy & Politics.

Policy Press

Tracing the Political

Depoliticisation, Governance and the State

Tracing the political uses a broad range of international case studies to chart the politicising and depoliticising dynamics that shape debates about the future of democracy and governance in the neoliberal state.

Policy Press

Policy Learning and Policy Failure

Edited by Claire Dunlop

First published as a special issue of Policy & Politics, this updated volume explores policy failures and the valuable opportunities for learning that they offer.

Policy Press

Superdiversity, Policy and Governance in Europe

Multi-scalar Perspectives

First published as a special issue of Policy & Politics, this insightful volume brings together contributions from experts across Europe to explore the ways in which superdiversity has influenced the development of policy and to consider challenges for the future.

Policy Press

How Does Collaborative Governance Scale?

Explores the role of scale and scaling in collaborative governance focusing on a wide range of policy areas with cases drawn from Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America.

Policy Press

Media and Governance

Exploring the Role of News Media in Complex Systems of Governance

First published as a special issue of Policy & Politics, this book considers the impact of media-related factors on governance, policy, public accountability and the attribution of blame for failures.

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