Creative research methods in the social sciences

Information for lecturers

Assignment questions on creative research methods

1. How should researchers balance creativity and good practice in research?

2. Does the use of a transformative research framework necessarily lead to ethical research?

3. How should research ethics be upheld in practice at methodological frontiers?

4. How can researchers take a creative approach to working with the literature?

5. What contribution can theory make to creative research?

6. Can creative research be good quality research?

7. Discuss the assertion that there is no place in research practice for imagination.

8. What are the pros and cons of gathering data online?

9. Is there any real value in researchers gathering data from themselves?

10. What are the key ethical issues to consider when analysing data?

11. How can you integrate findings from different datasets, and when and why might you consider doing so?

12. What are the most valuable contributions that technology makes to research, and why?

13. What might encourage you, and discourage you, from gathering video data?

14. How can the creative arts support and enhance the research process?

15. When might you use poetry in research, and why?

16. Is there any difference between research and journalism?

17. How and why might you mix methods of presenting and disseminating research findings?

18. What are the key considerations of presenting and disseminating research findings when working within a transformative research framework?

19. How can creative methods help research to link with theory and practice?

20. Are creative research methods necessarily multi-disciplinary?