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Safeguarding Mental Health Service Users Online

A Guide for Practitioners

By Claudia Megele and Peter Buzzi


1 Sep 2021

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    Safeguarding Mental Health Service Users Online

    This unique guide equips practitioners with an understanding of e-safety and online risks for mental health service users. Drawing on research, theory and practice examples, it will enable them to critically evaluate safeguarding issues and develop practical and effective online safeguarding plans.

    Subjects covered include online communities and peer support, online identity, exploitation and abuse, bullying and aggression, and apps, online therapy and avatar therapy.

    This is an essential book for social work students, mental health social workers, AMHPs and other mental health professionals involved in safeguarding people who experience mental ill health.

    Head of Service for Quality Assurance and Principal Social Worker at Wiltshire Council and Fellow of the National Institute of Health Research.


    e-Professionalism and ethics of social media for mental health workers;

    Online communities and peer support in user-led mental health communities;

    Child and adolescent mental health;

    Social media and serious mental ill health;

    Online identity, abuse and aggression;

    Apps, online and avatar therapy in mental health;

    Health intervention technologies (HIT) and e-intervention in mental health;

    The future of technology and online safeguarding in mental health.