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Social Policy Review 18

Analysis and debate in social policy, 2006

Edited by Linda Bauld, Karen Clarke and Tony Maltby


Jun 28, 2006

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336 pages


Social Policy Review




216 x 138 mm


Policy Press
Social Policy Review 18

"Social Policy Review" provides students, academics and all those interested in welfare issues with detailed analyses of progress and change in areas of major interest during the past year.

Bringing together a selection of commissioned papers, the Review is organised in three parts. First, it concentrates on the main policy developments during 2005 in relation to five key areas of welfare provision, both in the UK and internationally. The second part, this year concentrating on the theme of health and well-being, draws on current research to explore key policy issues and challenges. The final section explores employment and later life - an often neglected area of social policy, yet one that will increasingly dominate the contemporary news agenda and that has long term implications for social policy.

Linda Bauld is at the Department of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath. Karen Clarke is a Senior Lecturer in Social Policy in the School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester.Tony Maltby is CROW Research Fellow and Deputy Director at the Centre for Research into the Older Workforce at the National Institute for Adult Continuing Education (England and Wales).

Introduction ~ Linda Bauld; Part one: Key areas of social policy: Personal social services ~ Caroline Glendinning and Robin Means; Health ~ Ruth McDonald; Education ~ Alan Dyson; Housing ~ Mark Stephens and Deborah Quilgars; Social security ~ Paul Dornan; Part two: Health and well-being: Well-being and consumerism ~ Janet Newman and Elizabeth Vidler; Being well and well-being: the value of community and professional concepts in understanding positive health ~ Elaine Cameron, Jonathan Mathers and Jayne Parry; Theorising well-being: defining, measuring and understanding ~ Tania Burchardt; The relationship between health and subjective well-being ~ Robert Cummins; Getting to well-being through local government and community processes? The Waitakere Community Wellbeing Strategy in Third Way New Zealand ~ David Craig; Part three: Ageing and employment: Extending working life: problems and prospects for social and public policy ~ Chris Phillipson; Age discrimination in history ~ John Macnicol; Neglected areas of training ~ Kerry Platman and Phillip Taylor; What's different about the UK approach to age and employment? ~ Patrick Grattan.

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