When This Is Over

Reflections on an Unequal Pandemic

Edited by Amy Cortvriend, Lucy Easthope, Jenny Edkins and Kandida Purnell


Mar 1, 2023

Page count

208 pages




216 x 240 mm


Policy Press


Mar 1, 2023

Page count

208 pages




216 x 240 mm


Policy Press
When This Is Over

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound and persistent impact. A tragic loss of life, change to established patterns of life and social inequalities laid bare. It brought out the good in many and the worst in others and raised questions around what is truly important in our lives.

In this book, academics, activists and artists come together to remember and to reflect on the pandemic. What lessons should we learn? And how can things be different when this is over?

Sensitive to inequalities of gender, race and class, it highlights the experience of marginalised and minority groups and the unjust and uneven spread of violence, deprivation and death. It combines academic analysis with personal testimonies, poetry and images from contributors including Sue Black, Led By Donkeys, Lucy Easthope, Lara- Rose Iredale, Michael Rosen and Gary Younge.

Taken together, this truly inclusive commemorative overview honours the experience of a global disaster lived up close and suggests the steps needed to ensure we do better next time.

Amy Cortvriend, is a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Northampton, UK. She has worked for various refugee charities to promote the rights of, and encourage empowerment for, people seeking safety in the UK.

Lucy Easthope is Professor in Practice of Risk and Hazard at the University of Durham and Fellow in Mass Fatalities and Pandemics at the Centre for Death and Society, University of Bath, UK.

Jenny Edkins is Honorary Professor of Politics at the University of Manchester and Emeritus Professor in the International Politics Department, Aberystwyth University, UK.

Kandida Purnell is Assistant Professor of International Relations at Richmond, The American International University in London, UK.

‘When This Is Over’ by Jennifer Mustapha

1. Introduction – Amy Cortvriend, Lucy Easthope, Jenny Edkins and Kandida Purnell

Part I: In This Together?

‘May 8th, 2020’ by Marvin Thompson

2. Black, Asian and Global Majority Experiences – Safina Islam, Jo Robson, Amna Abdul-Latif, Yvonne Eduku Riley, Sandhya Sharma and Circle Steele

‘Illustrating Grief: Lumière Tarot’ by Dipali Anumol

3. Bodies With COVID-19 – Kandida Purnell

‘Post-COVID Thoughts’ by Michael Rosen

4. Grieving and Collective Loss in Assisted Living – Hannah Rumble and Karen West

Part II: Policing in Emergency

‘Unlawful Gathering’ by Gracie Mae Bradley

5. Protest and Policing in a Pandemic – Paul Famosaya

‘Dying Declaration’ by Anjana Nair

6. Legal Education After COVID-19 – Patricia Tuitt

‘I Have a Wall in Front of All of My Windows’ by Manca Bajec

7. Border Harms in Pandemic – Amy Cortvriend

Part III: Caring for the Dead

‘Reckoning With Grief’ by Mark Brown

8. Lessons From a Mortuary – Lara-Rose Iredale

‘My Impending Adventure, a Story for Another Day’ by Naikaali Irene Ssentongo

9. Funerals, Cemeteries and Crematoria: Different Community Experiences Avril Maddrell, Danielle House and Farjana Islam

Part IV: Commemorating Lives Lost

‘Photo Story’ by Led by Donkeys

10. Walking the Wall: COVID-19 and the Politics of Memory – Mark Honigsbaum

‘Pandemic Easter’ by Herbert Woodward Martin

11. A Wall of Pain and Love – Fran Hall

‘Home and Away’ by Sue Bryant

12. Disappeared Deaths and the Possibility of Politics – Jenny Edkins

PART V: What Comes Next

‘Go ahead, tell me’ by Rita Coleman

13. Emergency planning is dead - Matthew Hogan

‘Waiting to exhale’ by Mehreen Hamdany

14. ‘Moving on’ - Lucy Easthope

Afterword by Gary Younge

Notes on Contributors