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A right result?

Advocacy, justice and empowerment

By Rick Henderson and Mike Pochin


Sep 19, 2001

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Policy Press
A right result?

What is true advocacy? How can advocacy be evaluated? Should there be practice standards in advocacy?

As advocacy moves into the mainstream of health and social care provision, and the prospect of a legal right to advocacy inches closer, so the need to scrutinise key values and practices in advocacy becomes urgent. Although advocacy is widely acclaimed as a 'good thing', there is little agreement as to how it should be implemented, funded or evaluated.

A right result?:

reviews the range of third party advocacy provision and practice in the UK;

addresses key issues facing the contemporary advocacy movement, such as the need for independence, developing quality standards and security of funding;

suggests viable ways forward;

moves beyond the partisan tendency to champion one kind of advocacy to offer an inclusive account of different styles.

Through this inclusive approach, the book offers the first comprehensive analysis of the benefits of advocacy.

A right result? is required reading for anyone with an interest in advocacy and the rights of disempowered people, particularly individuals and agencies with a stake in the promotion and development of advocacy services and schemes in the UK.

"... a clear-eyed look at the advocacy movement in the UK." Openmind

"a 'must read' for all those interested in the development of independent advocacy." Mind

"This is a thought-provoking book for those with a keen interest in ensuring quality and independence in advocacy services." Prevention of Professional Abuse Newsletter

"... a book to be thoroughly recommended to all involved in advocacy, and many who need to know about advocacy - such as human service practitioners and teachers - would benefit from dipping into it. Summary boxes and a very carefully structured conclusion help those who want a speed read." British Journal of Learning Disabilities

"... a long-awaited study providing a detailed review of the growth of advocacy up to the current day, the emerging issues and a valuable framework for the process by which they may be addressed." Sally Carr, Citizen Advocacy Information and Training, UK

Rick Henderson is currently Project Director of Advocacy Across London. Previously Rick has been instrumental in the development of a number of citizen advocacy and self-advocacy schemes in Kent and London. He has an MA in the Management of Community Care.

Mike Pochin has been one of the coordinators of Dorset Advocacy sine 1993. Previously a citizen advocate, he has also worked as a trainer and evaluator with advocacy schemes.

Contents: Introduction; What is advocacy?; Issues in contemporary advocacy; Problems in measuring advocacy outcomes; What is advocacy for?; Developing an advocacy culture; Looking at standards; Learning, skills and validation; Conclusions.

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