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Social Work

Our social work list includes everything from textbooks and hands on practitioner guides, through to our Research in Social Work Series which we co-publish with the European Social Work Research Association.

We are particularly known for our books on child protection, with key titles including Re-imagining Child Protection, which calls for a more humane approach to working with vulnerable families, and the bestselling The Story of Baby P, which exposed the truth about how the media and politicians shaped our understanding of this landmark case.

We aim to publish books that help to address issues arising from poverty, inequality and social injustice.

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Sarah Bird

Meet the Editor

Sarah Bird, Commissioning Editor (maternity cover)

I have a background in academic publishing, but took a break from it in the last few years to set up a small, ethical publishing company that produced books for a general audience. What drew me to this job, and back to academic and professional publishing, was the fact that Policy Press and now Bristol University Press publish high quality books, with a strong social mission to promote positive social change in all sorts of areas.

I love working with authors, readers and others to turn the germ of an idea for a book into the best project it possibly can be.

If you are interested in writing for our Social Work list, please contact me at sarah.bird@bristol.ac.uk or visit our information for authors page to download our proposal guidelines.