Policy Press

Ageing and diversity

Multiple pathways and cultural migrations

Edited by Svein Olav Daatland and Simon Biggs


Dec 1, 2004

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256 pages




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Policy Press
Ageing and diversity

To understand contemporary ageing it is necessary to recognise its diversity. Drawing on an extraordinary range of theory, original research and empirical sources, this book assesses the stereotyped conceptions of ageing, and offers a critical and updated perspective.

The book explores the diversity of individual pathways of ageing, the sources of identifications, migration and otherness, and the tension between social structures and personal agency; considers multidisciplinary and international perspectives as an important means of understanding the diversity of ageing, and the need for change in established notions and policies; addresses key issues such as global ageing, migration, transnational community and citizenship; incorporates theories and findings from psychology and sociology, anthropology and demography, social policy and health sciences.

'Ageing and diversity' is aimed at academics, students and practitioners in the fields of sociology, social psychology, health, and welfare. It will also be of interest to all those who want to challenge stereotypes about ageing.

"... another excellent text from The Policy Press. The editors have done an excellent job of bringing together some of the leading writers on social gerontology from across Western Europe ... a very stimulating read." Journal of Social Policy

"An important contribution to the debate on theoretical directions within gerontology. Expert international editors provide an in-depth analysis of this under-researched topic." Liz Lloyd, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

Ageing and diversity: a critical introduction ~ Simon Biggs and Svein Olav Daatland; Section I: Individual pathways: Ageing differently: potential and limits ~ Jacqui Smith and Denis Gerstorf; The personal meaning of individuality and relatedness: gender differences in middle and late adulthood ~ Gerben J. Westerhof and Christina Bode; Diversity, health and ageing ~ Lars Andersson and Peter Öberg; Gender trajectories: how age and marital status influence patterns of gender inequality in later life ~ Sara Arber; Section II: Social identifications: The search for ageing identities ~ Andrew Blaikie; New ageism: age imperialism, personal experience and ageing policy ~ Simon Biggs; Sexuality in gerontology: a heteronormative presence, a queer absence ~ Ann Cronin; Section III: Migration and otherness: Making sense of the construct of successful ageing: the migrant experience ~ Sandra Torres; Older foreign migrants in Europe: multiple pathways and welfare positions ~ Tony Warnes; Transnational communities, migration and changing identities in later life: a new research agenda ~ Chris Phillipson and Nilufar Ahmed; Section IV: Structure and agency: Societal trends and lifecourse events affecting diversity in later life ~ Jenny De Jong Gierveld; Quality of life and social inequality in old age ~ Andreas Motel-Klingebiel; Class, power and inequality in later life ~ Paul Higgs and Chris Gilleard; Ageing and diversity, what next? ~ Svein Olav Daatland and Simon Biggs.