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Ageing in a Global Context

Series Editors: Chris Phillipson, University of Manchester, UK, Toni Calasanti, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA and Thomas Scharf, Newcastle University, UK.

Published in association with the British Society of Gerontology, this major new series addresses broad cross-cutting issues around ageing in a global society. The books present innovative perspectives, reflecting a balance of topics across the global south and north, that will transform debate in this fast-moving field.

This series moves beyond the past and looks for a ‘new narrative’ that is orientated to where the field should go.Victor Marshall, UNC at Chapel Hill

“The ageing of our population is not a new issue, but too often debates on ageing are informed more by ageist instinct than real insight. This important series addresses the key questions we need to be asking.” Kate Jopling, Independent Policy Consultant

“Our increasing longevity will profoundly impact every aspect of our lives. This fascinating series from some of the key thinkers in this field will contribute to our understanding of what should happen next.” David Sinclair, Director, International Longevity Centre UK