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Anti-social behaviour strategies

Finding a balance

By Andrew Millie, Jessica Jacobson, Eraina McDonald and Mike Hough


Jun 7, 2005

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Policy Press
Anti-social behaviour strategies

The Government has introduced new powers for tackling anti-social behaviour, such as Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs). This study examines how the new powers are being used, and what people think about them. Its findings will advance strategic thinking on the issue.

Through empirical research - combining a national survey with in-depth fieldwork in three neighbourhoods experiencing high levels of ASB - it develops principles for effective responses to problems of anti-social behaviour.

The report is aimed at politicians, civil servants and practitioners with responsibility for tackling problems of anti-social behaviour. It will also be of interest to academics.

Andrew Millie is Senior Researcher at the Policy Research Institute and Senior Lecturer in the School of Legal Studies, University of Wolverhampton. Jessica Jacobson is an independent consultant. Mike Hough is Professor of Criminal Policy and Director of the Institute for Criminal Policy Research, King's College London.

Introduction; Views on ASB: the national picture; Problems and impact of ASB in the case-study areas; Explaining ASB: local narratives; Responding to ASB: the options; Conclusions: implications for policy and practice.

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