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Black issues in social work and social care

By Mekada J. Graham


Jun 27, 2007

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Black issues in social work and social care

Over several decades, anti-oppressive practice and anti-discriminatory perspectives have become an integral part of social work. Responding to an urgent need for an up-to-date text that addresses recent developments, this book charts the impact of social changes and new literature shaping social work theory and practice with black and minority individuals, families and communities. It builds upon popular texts addressing anti-discriminatory frameworks but focuses specifically upon black perspectives in social work, taking into account current issues and concerns.

Written specifically for a US and UK market, the book provides an excellent introductory text to social work with black and minority ethnic communities for students, lecturers, practice teachers/assessors who are engaged in examining anti-discriminatory practice frameworks and black perspectives in academic settings and practice learning. It will support curriculum-based learning through its focus on anti-discriminatory practice in a climate that appears less sympathetic to the multicultural nature of British society.

"This book offers an extremely useful theoretical and practical framework for analysing what happens in social work ... It is excellent at looking at the how and why and provokes thinking." Community Care

"This book is a very welcome update of Bandana Ahmad's classic 1990 text on black perspectives in social work. Race equality is now policy throughout government, but Mekada Graham draws together the evidence on persistent inequalities that affect the daily lives of black and minority ethnic individuals and communities. It is essential reading for a profession committed to social justice and to the continuing struggle for race equality." Daphne Statham, Independent Consultant, former director of the

"Mekada Graham's work is clearly monumental, placing black people's experiences, values and worldviews as the foci for creating innovative methods of social work practice at both the micro and macro levels of intervention. This approach gives social work a wider and deeper arsenal to advance its official agenda of positive human transformation for all." Professor Jerome Schiele, Morgan State University

"This book challenges many of the underlying assumptions of the social work profession and institutional response to need. It addresses the lack of responsiveness to the experiences of Blacks and highlights the tendency of systems of care to provide cookie cutter approaches to expressed need, putting the issue of race front and centre in the provision of goods and services. A must read." E. Jane Middleton, Chair, Dept of Social Work Education, California State University, Fresno

Mekada Graham, Ph.D. is Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa, USA. She was formerly Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Social Work at the University of

Hertfordshire in England and has written widely on social work and black communities including African-centred approaches to social work.

Introduction; Anti-discriminatory social work in context; Rethinking oppression and social divisions; Children and families; Mental health; Disability; Ageing.