Building better connections

Interagency work and the Connexions Service

By Bob Coles, Liz Britton and Leslie Hicks


Dec 2, 2004

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64 pages




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Policy Press
Building better connections

This highly topical report provides much needed evidence to inform the re-configuration of services for children and young people. Focusing on the Connexions strategy and service in England, it explores the effectiveness of inter-agency working in this area.

The report is based on two years research in three contrasting Connexions Partnerships and around 300 hours of interviews with key stakeholders, young people's Personal Advisors and young people themselves. It examines the inter-agency strategies developed by the partnerships but, most importantly, what impact they have had on the interventions made with young people facing acute and complex needs.

It will be of particular interest to Connexions professionals and managers, others involved in partnership working, those involved in the development and implementation of Children and Young People's Strategic Partnerships and Children's Trusts, as well as youth researchers and policy makers.

"The rich qualitative data makes for fascinating reading and together with the overall findings provide for a report of real value." Education & Training

Bob Coles is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of York. He is research advisor to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on its youth research programme and this is the second major project on Connexions-related issues he has carried out for the Foundation.

Liz Britton is Senior Policy and Research Manager at the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion. She is a specialist in welfare benefits and financial support for 16 and 17 year olds and the author of the Young Persons Handbook, first and second editions.

Dr Leslie Hicks is a Research Fellow in the Social Work Research and Development Unit at the University of York. Her research and teaching interests focus on social care and organisations, with special emphasis on services for children and young people who are looked after away from home.

Building Connexions: the joining up of the elements of youth policy; Three case studies of work with young people; Issues and challenges in interagency working; Building better Connexions.