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Changing places

Housing association policy and practice on nominations and lettings

By Hal Pawson and David Mullins


Mar 19, 2003

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Policy Press
Changing places

This report provides the first detailed assessment of housing association allocations policies for over 10 years. Since 1992, when the last national study of this kind was published, the sector has changed out of all recognition. In particular, stock transfer has not only expanded, but also altered the character of this segment of the housing market in a fundamental way.

Carried out in 2001-02, and funded by the Housing Corporation, the research focuses on the largest 250 'general needs' RSLs in England, nearly half of which are now transfer associations. It looks at the way that policies and practices on nominations and lettings are evolving in response to changing housing markets, legal and regulatory developments, and new thinking on social policy more broadly.

"... a clear and meticulously researched study ... The findings of this report should be on the programme for all major conferences this summer." Roof

Hal Pawson and David Mullins work at Heriot-Watt University and Birmingham University, respectively. Both authors bring to this research a wealth of experience from earlier studies on housing management issues in England, Scotland and Ireland. Each is also an experienced housing association board member.

Contents: Executive summary; Introduction and literature review; Lettings frameworks; Rehousing eligiblilty; Applicant choice; Nomination arrangements; Managing access to social housing after stock transfer; Special issues for multi-regional associations; Rehousing outcomes; Conclusions.

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