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Child protection and mental health services

Interprofessional responses to the needs of mothers

By Nicky Stanley, Bridget Penhale, Denise Riordan, Rosaline S. Barbour and Sue Holden


Sep 10, 2003

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Policy Press
Child protection and mental health services

Health and social care professionals are constantly exhorted to work collaboratively. This book reports on research which examines interprofessional work with families in which mothers have a mental health problem and where there are also concerns about child protection.

Breakdowns in interprofessional collaboration, issues of risk and relevant resources are all addressed. Mothers' views and experiences are contrasted with professional perspectives.

Child protection and mental health services:

· reports on a survey of 500 practitioners working in health, social services and the voluntary sector;

· presents data from in-depth interviews with mothers with severe mental health problems;

· identifies weaknesses in interprofessional coordination in this area of work;

· suggests a new model for work with families where mental health problems and child protection concerns co-exist.

All those involved in child protection or mental health work with families will find this book a stimulating read. This book will be of interest to practitioners, managers and policy makers as well as students studying health and social care.

"... of much interest to all those involved in child protection or mental health work with families." ChildRight

"This is a book that policy makers ought to read." Community Care

"This is a useful study, clearly written, and the book will be helpful to both health and childcare workers, especially those with a responsibility for planning services." Child Abuse Review

"... will be of value to practitioners, students and teachers for its clarity in examining a very important issue. It does what it sets out to do and can spark off debate about the challenge that still confronts us in creating responsive and integrated services." Child and Family Social Work

Nicky Stanley is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Bridget Penhale is a Lecturer in Social Work, both at the University of Hull. Dr Denise Riordan is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist based at the Fleming Nuffield Unit, Newcastle upon Tyne. Professor Rosaline S. Barbour is Chair of Health and Social Care at the University of Dundee. Sue Holden is a Research Associate at the Institute of Learning, University of Hull.

Contents: Mental health needs and mothering; The service context; Interprofessional work; The research study; Identifying key research issues; Mothers' perspectives; The mothers' evaluations of professional support; The professionals and their practice; Conceptualising needs and evaluating risk; Interprofessional communication and co-ordination; Identifying appropriate resources; Conclusion.

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