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Comparative and Global Social Policy

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Access to Justice for Disadvantaged Communities

This unique study explores how strategies to safeguard the provision of legal advice and access to welfare rights to disadvantaged communities might be developed in ways that strengthen rather than undermine the basic ethics and principles of public service provision.

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Active social policies in the EU

Inclusion through participation?

This book challenges the underlying presupposition that regular employment is the royal road to inclusion. Drawing on original empirical research, it investigates the inclusionary and exclusionary potentials of different types of work, including activation programmes.

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Austerity, Community Action, and the Future of Citizenship in Europe

Exploring secular and faith-based grassroots social action in Germany and the UK, this book provides new ways of thinking about social and political belonging and about the relations between individual, collective and State responsibility.

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Capability-Promoting Policies

Enhancing Individual and Social Development

This volume answers fundamental questions about how human development is fostered; How to overcome unjust societies with better distribution of opportunities to flourish; How can human development be revitalized in countries where social welfare is put into question?

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Changing social equality

The Nordic welfare model in the 21st century

Taking a comparative perspective, this book casts new light on the changing inequalities in Europe.

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Creative Social Policy

The Collective Emancipation of Human Potential

Our societies are experiencing accumulating crises. This book argues that mainstream social policy has been part of the problem. Advocating an alternative notion of social policy, this text argues that states can liberate creative potentials by rethinking the role of knowledge and by adopting new policies, such as Universal Seed Money.

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Development in Africa

Refocusing the Lens After the Millennium Development Goals

This important book looks beyond the Millennium Development Goals to highlight 12 major public policy conversations about the continent post-2015, arguing that Africa as a continent must work on developing a society that is socially, economically and politically inclusive.

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Diffusing Human Trafficking Policy in Eurasia

Offering a perceptive study of the urgent human rights issue of trafficking in persons, this important book analyses the development and effectiveness of public policies across Eurasia.

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Disputing Citizenship

This unique book presents a new perspective on citizenship by treating it as a continuing focus of dispute. The authors develop a view of citizenship as always emerging from struggle through an exploration of the entanglements of politics, culture and power that are both embodied and contested in forms and practices of citizenship.

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Dualisation of Part-Time Work

The Development of Labour Market Insiders and Outsiders

This book brings together leading international authors from a number of fields to provide an up to date understanding of part-time work at national, sector, industry and workplace levels.

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Europe enlarged

A handbook of education, labour and welfare regimes in Central and Eastern Europe

This important reference work describes the educational systems, labour markets and welfare production regimes in the ten new Central and Eastern Europe countries.

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Exploring the Production of Urban Space

Differential Space in Three Post-Industrial Cities

This important book engages critically with Lefebvre’s spatial theories and challenges recent thinking about the nature of urban space. Research in three iconic post-industrial cities in the UK and North America, explains how urban public spaces, including differential space are socially produced.

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