Policy Press

Critical Perspectives on Education and Public Policy

Series editors: Mark Murphy, University of Glasgow

Education is uniquely positioned as a key factor in human and economic development, but also as a conduit for social justice and a tool of democracy. This positioning places considerable pressure on education systems, and requires a more detailed examination of public policies, including education, and their capacity to deliver effective public services.

This new series will critically examine the interrelationships and connections between education and other public policy areas, such as health, welfare, employment and criminal justice. It will explore the reach of education as a tool of social change and examine the challenges encountered when delivering justice-oriented public policies.

The series will focus on issues of justice, equity and solidarity, adopting a critical perspective towards the supposed benefits of neoliberalism, new public management, commercialisation, competition and privatisation.

It seeks to fill a major gap in research literature by identifying and analysing education policies in the broader context of public sector governance, public policy and welfare state systems.

Call for proposals

The series editor welcomes proposals from a range of disciplines and themes across education, social policy and public administration, but is particularly interested in proposals covering:

  • The nature of public sector professionalism
  • Governance, regulation and public sector accountability
  • Education and the law
  • The politics of care and public policy
  • Civil society, education and public policy
  • Partnership and inter-agency working
  • Education, Public policy and privatisation

This series will publish monographs and accepts proposals for both authored and edited books. If you would like to discuss an idea or submit a proposal, please contact the series editor Mark Murphy: Mark.Murphy.2@glasgow.ac.uk

Editorial Advisory Board

Kenneth Saltman, University of Illinois Chicago, US
Tony Evans, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
Michael Mu, Queensland University, Australia
Suresh Babu, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
Álvaro González Torres, Silva Henríquez Catholic University, Chile
Sonia Exley, London School of Economics, UK
Andreas Bergh, Uppsala University, Sweden
Andrew Wilkins, Goldsmith, University of London