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Our education list focuses on education policy and the inequalities that are both in-built in education systems and perpetuated by them.

Addressing these educational inequalities – whether that is access, quality, or opportunity – is the first step to addressing many of the social problems we are facing today. Through our publishing we seek to draw attention to key issues, influence debate, and put forward suggestions for change.

We publish quality critical work from leading academics and rising stars on topics covering policy issues and/or with a strong social justice approach. If you are interested in writing for us, please see the Commissioning Editor information below.


Isobel Bainton

Meet the Editor

Isobel Bainton, Commissioning Editor

I came to Policy Press in 2012 from Wiley Blackwell. One of my ancestors set up one of England’s first reformatory schools for girls just down the road from our office in Bristol. She was fierce campaigner for access to education for poor children, particularly young girls, which are passions that I, and Policy Press, share.

Getting to choose who and what we publish is a huge privilege (and responsibility!). I love working with authors from the start of the process, helping them to develop their ideas and shape their book to be the best it can be.

Throughout the process, I maintain overall responsibility for the project and never lose the sense of pride and accomplishment when we receive the first copies from the printer. Once the book is published and out in the world it’s great to watch how it’s received and what a difference it makes.

If you are interested in writing for our Education list, please contact me at isobel.bainton@bristol.ac.uk or visit our information for authors page to download our proposal guidelines.