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Exploring the Dynamics of Personal, Professional and Interprofessional Ethics

Edited by Divya Jindal-Snape and Elizabeth F.S Hannah


Mar 28, 2014

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Policy Press
Exploring the Dynamics of Personal, Professional and Interprofessional Ethics

Although codes of conduct and ethics provide guidance, professionals have to exercise their own judgement in increasingly complex and demanding roles and work contexts when applying them to practice. At times, this can lead to conflict between personal, professional and interprofessional ethics due to the dynamics of the person-centred environment they function in.

This interdisciplinary book draws on the perspectives of 40 authors from four continents to explore the dynamics of ethical dilemmas using theory, research and practice-based examples. Overall, the book will help to spearhead the debate about these ethical dilemmas, and ways of working with them, in an informed manner. It will make ideal reading for students, academics and professionals.

Divya Jindal-Snape is Professor of Education, Inclusion and Life Transitions at the University of Dundee, UK. She has taught across a range of professions, namely education, community education, social work, educational psychology and health care, in India, Japan and Scotland. She is Director of the Transformative Change: Educational and Life Transitions (TCELT) Research Centre. This book emerged from research undertaken by TCELT.

Elizabeth F.S. Hannah is Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology at the University of Dundee, UK. Previously, she worked as a secondary school teacher and educational psychologist. She is a member of several professional organisations and has co-authored a number of books, chapters and articles.

Part 1: Understanding personal, professional and interprofessional ethics within different contexts;

Setting the scene: personal, professional and interprofessional ethics ~ Elizabeth F.S. Hannah and Divya Jindal-Snape;

Beyond procedures: a case study from educational psychology ~ Wilma Barrow, Roger Barrow and Tim Glockling;

The organisational context of professional and interprofessional ethics ~ Bridget Hanna;

The policy context: user involvement - a case study in health and community settings ~ Lesley Greenaway and Bridget Roberts;

The education context: strategies for well-being and ethically sustainable problem solving in teacher–student interaction ~ Tiina Soini, Janne Pietarinen, Kirsi Pyhältö and Kirsi Tirri;

Part 2: Personal–professional ethics;

The social work–criminal justice context:personal and professional ethical tensions ~ Jane Fenton;

Personal and professional ethical dilemmas in the context of developing teacher leaders in Australia ~ Allie Clemans, John Loughra and Amanda Berry

Child protection social work in times of uncertainty: dilemmas of personal and professional ethics ~ Lynn Kelly and John Young;

Part 3: Professional–interprofessional ethics;

Professional and Interprofessional ethics: an intellectual disabilities perspective in an interprofessional health context ~ Eleanor Brewster and Lorna Strachan;

Protecting unborn babies: Professional and interprofessional ethical considerations for social work and midwifery ~ Ann V. Hodson and Ruth Deery;

Professional and interprofessional ethical considerations for practising psychologists in Australia ~ Christopher Boyle;

Part 4: Personal, professional and interprofessional ethics;

Personal, professional and interprofessional ethics in policing in a child protection context ~ Dawn MacEachern, Edward Miles and Divya Jindal-Snape;

Personal, professional and interprofessional ethical issues in the context of supporting children affected by bereavement ~ Steve Sweeney and Per Boge;

Part 5: Professional and interprofessional ethics in multicultural and multinational contexts;

Framing the professional and interprofessional ethical landscape in education: Finnish and English perspectives on teachers' moral selves ~ Andrea Raiker and Matti Rautiainen;

Professional and interprofessional cross-cultural ethics in trauma recovery programme implementation by UK professionals in the Middle East ~ Ian Barron and Ghassan Abdullah;

Social work ethics crossing multinational and interprofessional boundaries: smooth passages and bumpy rides ~ Timothy B. Kelly, Laura R. Bronstein and Debra McPhee;

Palliative care: the professional and interprofessional ethical considerations for the staff-volunteer interface in the UK and India ~ Ros Scott and Suresh Kumar;

Part 6: A way forward?

Review of teaching and learning about ethics on a professional training programme for educational psychologists in Scotland ~ Elizabeth F.S. Hannah and Patricia Murray;

Professionalism in workplace learning: understanding interprofessional dilemmas through healthcare student narratives ~ Charlotte E. Rees, Lynn V. Monrouxe and Rola Ajjawi;

Understanding the dynamics of personal, professional and interprofessional ethics: a possible way forward ~ Divya Jindal-Snape and Elizabeth F.S. Hannah.

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