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Family-friendly working?

Putting policy into practice

By Sue Bond, Jeff Hyman, Juliette Summers and Sarah Wise


Jan 1, 2002

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88 pages

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Policy Press
Family-friendly working?

In responding to the needs of working parents and their employers, the Government has introduced legislation which encourages family-friendly initiatives to be determined jointly and voluntarily between employers and employees. Focusing on the key sector of financial services, Family-friendly working? reviews how companies are handling this process.

By offering close insights into the dynamics of organisational decision-making processes and practices, Family-friendly working will be of value to policy makers, employers, trade unions and to bodies and individuals who seek to influence family and employment policy and legislation.

Introduction; Part 1: Policy formulation: Company survey findings; Union perspectives; Part 2: Policy into practice: Introduction to the second phase; Policy provision, communication and awareness; Managerial decision-making; The role of employee participation; Employee experiences; Company family-friendly performance; Conclusions.

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