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Global Perspectives on Philanthropy and Public Good

Series Editors: Tobias Jung, Shona Russell and Alina Baluch, Centre for the Study of Philanthropy & Public Good, University of St Andrews

From individuals such as George Soros, Sir Tom Hunter and Li Ka-shing, to organisations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Freedom Fund, philanthropists are more involved than ever in directing and shaping the public good. Offering an international and interdisciplinary perspective on philanthropy and the public good, this new series will examine where, how and with what impact donors and their foundations are playing an increasingly central role in solving pressing social, economic and environmental issues. The opportunities, strengths and challenges of philanthropic endeavours and the public good will be explored across cultures and contexts.

Volumes in the series will take a critical and reflective study of the contemporary ethics of charitable contributions. Research, policy and practice insights on alternative models and approaches to philanthropy will be discussed as the act of giving is reimagined, recast and rebranded for the 21st century.

The series is lead by the Centre for the Study of Philanthropy & Public Good at the University of St Andrews and linked to the International Society for Third Sector Research.

Call for proposals

The series welcomes both single-authored and edited volumes that clearly contribute to addressing the series’ aims. Volumes in the series are expected to be around 80,000 words in length.

The series especially encourages contributions that:

  • Emphasise developments and insights from around the world
  • Review countries or contexts that have received limited attention in the literature
  • Offer comparative perspectives or convey an international outlook on philanthropy
  • Offer new perspectives on or approaches to research, policy and practice

Individuals or groups are invited to submit a speculative proposal with an outline of idea to the editors.

If you would like to discuss ideas or submit a proposal, please email the series editors Tobias Jung, Shona Russell and Alina M Baluch, Centre for the Study of Philanthropy and Public Good, University of St Andrews, UK at csppg@st-andrews.ac.uk

There is more information about the proposal process on the series website, where you can find the full series rationale, and download a proposal form.

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