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Happy retirement?

The impact of employers' policies and practice on the process of retirement

By Sarah Vickerstaff, John C. Baldock, Jennifer Cox and Linda Keen


Jul 7, 2004

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Policy Press
Happy retirement?

Any attempt by governments to stem the tide of early retirement will need to focus as much on employers' management of human resources as on the impacts of social policy. This report focuses on this previously neglected area: employers' policies and practice as a dynamic force in retirement decisions. Drawing on data from a series of organisational case studies that situate the individual's decisions and experience in the context of employers' age management policies, the report examines how the retirement process is currently managed in a range of organisations; identifies barriers to effective planning for retirement; considers whether individuals feel there is enough choice when facing decisions about retirement and addresses the concerns of both researchers and academics in the fields of human resource management and social policy.

"... immensely helpful for researchers and practitioners alike ... a valuable picture of the complex and changing face of retirement." Ageing & Society

Executive summary; Introduction; The management of older workers and retirement; Understanding pensions and retirement policies; Choice; Downshifting employment in the transition to retirement; Conclusions.