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The New Politics of Home

Housing, Gender and Care in Times of Crisis

Setting out both new empirical material and new conceptual terrain, this book draws on approaches from human geography, social policy, feminist and political theory to explore issues of home and care in times of crisis.

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The Swedish Experiment

The COVID-19 Response and its Controversies

This short book explores Sweden’s response to the global pandemic and the wave of controversies it triggered. It helps to make sense of the response by defining ‘a Swedish model’ that incorporates the country’s value system and offers a case study for understanding the ways in which different national approaches to the pandemic have been compared.

Bristol Uni Press

Volume 4: Policy and Planning

Drawing from case studies across the globe, this book explores how the pandemic and the policies it has prompted have caused changes in the ways cities function. The contributors examine the advancing social inequality brought on by the pandemic and suggest policies intended to contain contagion whilst managing the economy in these circumstances.

Bristol Uni Press

Volume 3: Public Space and Mobility

This international volume explores the transformations of public space and public transport in response to COVID-19, both those resulting from official governmental regulations and from everyday practices of urban citizens. The contributors discuss how the virus made urban inequalities clearer, and redefined public spaces in the “new normal”.

Bristol Uni Press

Volume 1: Community and Society

Contributions to this volume engage directly with different urban communities around the world. They give voice to those who experience poverty, discrimination and marginalisation in order to put them in the front and centre of planning, policy and political debates that make and shape cities.

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The Deadly Intersections of COVID-19

Race, States, Inequalities and Global Society

Edited by Sunera Thobani

This book showcases the impact of state responses to COVID-19 on marginalized communities. The authors analyse the lockdowns, immigration and border controls, vaccine trials, income support and access to healthcare across eight countries in Australasia, North America, Asia and Europe to reveal the internal inequities within and between countries.

Bristol Uni Press

Maternal Imprisonment and Family Life

From the Caregiver's Perspective

Exploring the untold experiences of family members and friends caring for the children of female prisoners in England and Wales, this book analyses the complex challenges of the ‘family sentence’ they serve and the realities of their disenfranchised status in society, policy and practice.

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Being Human During COVID-19

This transdisciplinary collection engages with key issues of social exclusion, inequality, power and knowledge in the context of COVID-19 for a more equitable and inclusive human future.

Bristol Uni Press

Vulnerabilities in Paid Care Work

Transnational Experiences, Insights and Voices

This book explores the recent experiences of diverse paid care workers in four very different national contexts – Finland, Canada, South Africa and England – to learn from their experiences during COVID-19 and its aftermath.

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COVID-19 and Racism

Counter-Stories of Colliding Pandemics

This book addresses the prejudices that emerged out of the collision of the two pandemics of 2020: COVID-19 and Racism.

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China’s COVID-19 Vaccine Supplies to the Global South

Between Politics and Business

This book unpacks the political economy of China’s COVID-19 vaccine supplies to the Global South. Examining the political and economic forces at play, the book demonstrates how China’s vaccine provisions have been determined by a complex set of commercial interests, domestic politics, and geopolitical relationships.

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