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Care, Health and Housing

Crisis, Experiences and Answers

Edited by Lidia C. Manzo

Highlighting the substandard living conditions faced by many residents in social housing communities in Ireland, this book provides key information on housing quality at the community level and identifies practical solutions in the health, community care and housing sectors.

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Biomedical Innovation in Fertility Care

Evidence Challenges, Commercialization and the Market for Hope

Available Open Access digitally under CC-BY-NC-ND licence.

This book analyses the clashes between evidence-based medicine and the dynamics of an increasingly privatised fertility care industry. With a unique focus on "add-on" treatments, it reveals how these controversial treatments are now widespread and can border on hopemongering.

Bristol Uni Press
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COVID-19, the Global South and the Pandemic’s Development Impact

EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence. This book examines the unique implications of the pandemic in the Global South. With international contributors from a variety of disciplines, it investigates the pandemic’s effects on development, medicine, gender (in)equality and human rights among other issues.

Bristol Uni Press

Care Technologies for Ageing Societies

An International Comparison

Exploring the role of technology in Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan, this book compares the ways in which technology is being implemented in different national contexts to contribute effectively to the sustainability of care systems.

Policy Press

Safeguarding Young People Beyond the Family Home

Responding to Extra-Familial Risks and Harms

During adolescence, young people are exposed to a range of harms and risks beyond their family homes and this book assesses social care organisations’ safeguarding responses across 10 countries. The authors highlight key areas for service development and give insights into how these risks and harms can be responded to in the future.

Policy Press

Northern Exposure

COVID-19 and Regional Inequalities in Health and Wealth

Using original data analysis from a wide range of sources, this book addresses the vital contemporary issue of regional inequality through the impact of COVID-19.

Policy Press

What Is Public Trust in the Health System?

Insights into Health Data Use

This important book uses empirical evidence to explore the concept of public trust in health systems.

In doing so, it provides a comprehensive contemporary explanation of public trust, how it affects health systems and how it can be nurtured and maintained as an integral component of health system governance.

Policy Press

The Unequal Pandemic

COVID-19 and Health Inequalities

EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC- ND This accessible, yet authoritative book shows how the pandemic is a syndemic of disease and inequality. It argues that these inequalities are a political choice and we need to learn quickly to prevent growing inequality and to reduce health inequalities in the future.

Policy Press

Policing the Pandemic

How Public Health Becomes Public Order

Written in the context of the #BlackLivesMatter protests, this book explores why law enforcement responses to a public health emergency are prioritised over welfare provision and what this tells us about the state’s criminal justice institutions.

Policy Press

The Impact of COVID-19 on Devolution

Recentralising the British State Beyond Brexit?

This topical book explores how the public perception of the UK decentralized governments has changed during the pandemic and uses case studies to discuss the actions taken by central government to undermine the devolution settlement, making a vital contribution to the future options for the UK within the context of Brexit and what follows.

Bristol Uni Press

Emergency Powers in a Time of Pandemic

Written by an expert on constitutional law and human rights, this accessible book explores how human rights, democracy and the rule of law can be protected during a pandemic and how emergency powers can best be ended once it wanes.

Bristol Uni Press

Harnessing Complexity for Better Outcomes in Public and Non-profit Services

ePDF and ePUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence. Building on research in public health, social epidemiology and the social determinants of health, this book presents complexity theory as an alternative basis for an outcome-oriented public management praxis.

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