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Health and Society series

Series editors: Mary Shaw and George Davey Smith, University of Bristol. 

This wide-ranging series includes publications drawn from various theoretical perspectives and using different forms of evidence. Each addresses the diversity of factors which determine population health and how these operate in economic, political, social and cultural contexts

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The political economy of health care

Where the NHS came from and where it could lead

This new edition of this bestselling book argues that patients need to develop as active citizens and co-producers of health. This second edition has been entirely rewritten with two new chapters, and includes new material on resistance to that world-wide process.

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An introduction to genetic epidemiology

This book brings together leading experts to provide an introduction to genetic epidemiology that begins with a primer in human molecular genetics through all the standard methods in population genetics and genetic epidemiology required for an adequate grounding in the field.

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The handbook of inequality and socioeconomic position

Concepts and measures

This Handbook is the definitive resource for anyone wishing to quickly look up and understand key concepts and measurements relating to socioeconomic position and inequalities.

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Community health and wellbeing

Action research on health inequalities

This book argues that the traditional government approach of exhorting individuals to live healthier lifestyles is not enough - action to promote public health needs to take place not just through public agencies, but also by engaging community assets and resources in their broadest sense.

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The Grim Reaper's road map

An atlas of mortality in Britain

An atlas of mortality in Britain based on data from 1981 to 2004, this new study explores causes of death across the UK, including a description of the cause of death, a map and cartogram showing the spatial distribution of that cause, a commentary on the pattern observed and the reason for it.

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Teenage pregnancy

The making and unmaking of a problem

This book examines who is likely to have a baby as a teenager, the consequences of early motherhood and how teenage pregnancy is dealt with in the media. The author argues that society's negative attitude to young mothers marginalises an already excluded group and that efforts should be focused on support.

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Challenging health inequalities

From Acheson to Choosing Health

This book offers a unique multi-disciplinary perspective on tackling health

inequalities in a rich country, examining the New Labour policy agenda for

tackling health inequalities and its inherent challenges.

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Health inequalities and welfare resources

Continuity and change in Sweden

How welfare states influence population health has long been debated but less well tested by research. This book presents new evidence of the effects of Swedish welfare state on the lives of citizens. The analysis and theoretical approaches developed in the book have wide implications for health research and policy beyond Scandinavia.

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